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Meeting the NLP Practitioner and coach that also happens to be a leading MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fighter

Going Mental

There are few more fascinating author  interviews I’ve conducted over the years than my meeting with Jakob Lovstad, author of ‘Going Mental – Reaching your Goals in Business and Sports – Full Contact NLP Coaching From a Full Contact Fighter. We met in a very cold and snowy Stockholm and chatted about the book, his coaching and his fighting. Jakob is in the top 10 Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters in Europe, a fighting coach and now NLP practitioner and business coach.

Physically Jakob is a big guy. Around 2 metres tall and he fights in the light heavyweight class. With his hair shaven close to his scalp – having hair is a potential weakness in some classes of MMA where hair grabbing is allowed – he cuts a pretty intimidating figure. As soon as he begins to talk you realise that behind this tough exterior lies a very intelligent and articulate coach. He may ply his trade knocking seven bells out of his counterparts in the ring, but the key to his and the fighters he trains success is born out of NLP. Don’t tell anyone, as it may affect his “Striking Viking” persona in the cage, but this is one very clever guy. Jakob went to the Norwegian equivalent of MIT and spent 4 years working on his PHD before he made the unusual move into MMA.

Jakob was introduced to NLP by a coach following a disastrous fight in which a cocky and arrogant (his own words) Lovstad went into the ring injured and wholly mentally unprepared. After a very bad and humiliating beating he spent much of the recovery time learning NLP which proved a revelation for him. Jakob realised the potential to add NLP based preparation to a fighters training and set about building a program for MMA fighters.  The results have been excellent with the program creating top fighters that are also mentally prepared for their fights. Jakob saw the natural transition to bring the techniques into the business world and now works with business leaders with a no-nonsense coaching philosophy and interesting offers a ‘no-change, no-fee’ deal to his clients. A very unique type of business coach.

John Grinder, co-founder of NLP agrees that Jakob is a very unusual case;

“Consider, however the context – while I could well be wrong, I doubt that many of the professional full contact fighters concern themselves about such philosophical issues as the possibility of objectivity, the distinction between reality and experience, the issue of whether life has meaning or is it that we simply create the meaning in our lives. Jakob does. And this makes for a lively insight into this very special world.”

Whilst some of the philosophies Jakob puts across will no doubt be controversial [he advocates a ‘personal religion’ rather than subscribing to any of the traditional religions for example] Grinder goes on to say how in fact Jakob’s work is a great demonstration of NLP

“NLP (especially New Code NLP) has as its focus the extraordinary, the genius, in whatever field of endeavor. Here is a narrative about its consequences embodied in a cage fighter – have a look – the patterns are perfectly applicable to what you do as well as what Jakob does.”

My favourite comment on Jakob’s concept of ‘full contact NLP’ comes from Jorgen Rasmussen:

“Despite the fact that I disagree strongly with some of his philosophy, Jakob’s results using NLP patterning to become a high achiever in the toughest sport on earth speaks for itself. When the consequences of your ideas not working properly is a shin to the neck, you are pretty much forced to find out what actually works and what is B.S.”

Jakob still fights, with his next major bout coming up in March and he insists this helps him with his business clients. It is a strong demonstration that the techniques he is applying with them are similar to those he is using before stepping into the cage with some of the world’s leading MMA fighters. Jakob uses the phrase “battle tested” for his methods and he’s very passionate about what he sees as a ‘regurgitation bandwagon’ with several writers simply re-hashing the original NLP principles – and on that point he has a lot of supporters.

So the consensus is that Going Mental is a very valid, interesting and valuable contribution to the overall NLP field – even if you don’t agree with some of the strong views expressed within. One thing is for sure, the next few months as his publisher is going to be an interesting ride.

Going Mental is available through all good bookstores, on Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books and iBooks (iPad and iPhone). To contact Jakob about speaking at an event (he’s very good in front of large audiences) visit his website


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The Most Outrageous and Compelling Book on NLP Ever Written

As a publisher, every ten years or so a book comes along that you read and think “this book is going to be huge”. For us it has happened twice so far – the second one about two months ago when a manuscript arrived from Norway. We unleash “Going Mental – Reaching your Goals in Business and Sports – Full Contact NLP Coaching From a Full Contact Fighter” on an unsuspecting public on the 6th December, and few will be ready for it.

We have many NLP authors including some of the most respected master NLP practitioners in their fields and you could argue that some of the applications of NLP we have published, at the time certainly, were somewhat controversial.

However, nothing had prepared us for the writings of one ex-cage fighting master practitioner Jakob Løvstad. Leading NLP gurus have been frank in their review of Løvstad’s book.

“Jakob is not simply some extraordinarily quick, balanced, strong, aggressive fighter, he has worked out, with a little help from his friends, that his ability to perform in this extreme environment is a function of a lot more than the obvious advanced physical requirements and special set of skills that are a prerequisite in the cage. This makes his lively, sometimes outrageous, narrative of his adventures particularly interesting” – John Grinder, Co-Creator of NLP

So what makes Jakob’s methods so different? Most motivational NLP books focus on building up confidence whereas Jakob’s method is much faster, tougher and takes no prisoners. A leader author and practitioner that has worked with Jakob first hand explains that it is the profession that Jakob is in has created a unique urgency to deliver.

“Despite the fact that I disagree strongly with some of his philosophy, Jakob’s results using NLP patterning to become a high achiever in the toughest sport on earth speaks for itself. When the consequences of your ideas not working properly is a shin to the neck, you are pretty much forced to find out what actually works and what is B.S. This book combines some great case studies, a solid kick in the ass, practical NLP patterning and a functional road map to reach your goals. Best of all, it’s all proven in the cage by a man who has courageously walked the walk” Jørgen Rasmussen, Author of ‘Provocative Hypnosis’.

There are many overlaps and parallels between the worlds of NLP and Hypnosis – with many of our authors combining elements from both and another Hypnosis practitioner explains that the simple – ‘improve or get really hurt’ nature of full contact fighting can transfer nicely over to business and indeed life.

“One of the most concise and practical books on setting goals and managing motivation that I have read. For me, Jakob pulls no punches and kicks-butt in just the right way – people who read this and do the exercises WILL make stuff happen in their lives! So top marks across the board… but perhaps not for the soft and sensitive!” James Tripp, Creator of ‘Hypnosis Without Trance’

Jakob in fact in his introduction to the book goes a step further to forewarn the reader:

“If you suspect that your mental health is too fragile for what this book contains, please do not go through with reading it – it is not for the faint of heart. The language is explicit, the content is outrageous and your change will be extreme if you do what you’re supposed to. Last chance… put the book down if you can’t handle this”.

It’s not marketing spin – the techniques are tough. What is already emerging is that the book is a fantastic tool for coaches working with sportspeople. Whilst few sports are likely to go with quite as an extreme “I make my fighters sweat more when they train, so they bleed less when they fight” that Jakob has as one of his mantras, but the demands on professional sportsmen and women these days are intensive.

A fellow coach explains quite well in his review of the book:

“Jakob Løvstad is a man after my own heart. He’s written a powerful book that unites three of my personal passions; combat sports, self-reliance, and peak mental performance! Enjoy this book, I know I did!” Jake Shannon, Founder of,

I chose this particular quote as it has the words ‘self-reliance’ which for me is a key theme in Jakob’s book. In the cage, nobody else is going to help you to a)win and b)avoid serious injury. Jakob explains in his book early on that it was a complete lack of knowledge, or even respect for the mental side of training that led him to a disastrous event in his career, a heavy defeat and a visit to an NLP master practitioner to ‘get his head sorted‘.

With a little over a month to go before the book is published the controversy is already building. I can guarantee you won’t like some of what Jakob says, and the more conservative of you won’t like the way he says some of it. But – you can’t argue with results. Jakob’s methods have worked in the toughest sport in the world and as a personal coach he has managed to transfer that over to the world of business.

You are going to have an opinion – good or bad and we’d like to hear it. So we’ve set up a Going Mental Facebook Page for you to vent.

You can also find out more about Jakob at his coaching site All Confidence.

Going Mental

Going Mental

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Throat Cancer Survivor Talks About How NLP Helped In The Battle

Keith Hern talks honestly and frankly about throat cancer – from the moment of finding the lump through to getting the all-clear – chemotherapy, radiotherapy and NLP and the effect on friends and family.

Keith’s journey is catalogued in words and photos (he is a photographer by trade) in his book Bangers and Mash which has recently been picked up by a number of cancer organisations as a vital read for patients.


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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Executive Coaching To Beat Cancer

Bangers and Mash is a life story with a difference: this book recounts how professional photographer and alternative therapy sceptic Keith Hern used a topical executive coaching strategy (NLP) to fight throat cancer and win.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is most commonly used to help executives overcome their perceived limitations to reach career goals. NLP Gurus include Paul McKenna, Michael Neill, Richard Bandler and Art Giser. MostBangers and Mash is a life story with a difference: this book recounts how professional photographer and alternative therapy sceptic Keith Hern used a topical executive coaching strategy (NLP) to fight throat cancer and win. businesspeople use the techniques to improve their confidence and sales skills but Keith used its methods for the battle of his life, with results that have impressed and amazed the medical establishment.

Bangers and Mash charts that battle – with great candour and humour Keith tells it like it is. Being a photographer he also shows it like it is, persuading medical staff and friends to take pictures at every stage of his treatment.

The result is a gripping story, not always comfortable, but always honest. Written: “to help anyone else faced with the doom-laden words ‘you have cancer’ to know what it’s like” the book also raises some thought-provoking questions about traditional treatment routes.

Meeting his NLP coach in an entirely unrelated context and prior to his cancer diagnosis, Keith turned up for his first session “an emotional wreck, frightened to death and simply not knowing how to deal with the treatment process.” He left with an altogether more positive outlook having taken the first steps on the road to changing his beliefs to ‘I can beat this’.

Keith credits the regular Neuro-Linguistic Programming sessions with helping to keep positive and give him the energy to fight his cancer. Read the book – it’s inspiring, thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting.

Reviews from businesswomen in particular have been glowing. Internationally successful chef Nigella Lawson comments “I admire Keith Herns spirit and his honesty“.

Businesspeople facing major challenges can take a lot from Keith’s story as he shows how NLP helped him gain focus and drive him towards his goal of surviving the cancer. If Keith could use NLP to take on cancer then there it proves there is a lot there for entrepreneurs to use to tackle the challenges that they face in business.

The link between NLP and energy has been around for some time with the phrase ‘Energetic NLP’ being used by many practitioners.

As a photographer by trade Keith charts the battle with some fascinating images with special permissions granted by The Royal Marsden Hospital. Funds from the book go towards the hospitals great work with cancer patients.

The book is available from all good bookstores and Keith’s website. Booksellers The Book Depository are offering free delivery worldwide on the book. In addition to positive reviews from trade reviewers, people with family members battling cancer have charted how helpful the book has been:

“A brilliant read for anyone who has been diagnosed or caring for someone with cancer as it is inspirational and gives a comprehensive detailed account of life as a cancer patient and how you can win.”


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95%+ Success Rate for NLP and Hypnotherapy Solution to Bedwetting

A few months after launch and the excellent reviews of Alicia Eaton’s groundbreaking NLP and Hypnotherapy book ‘Stop Bedwetting in 7 days’ keep flowing in. Alicia is one of the UK’s leading child psychologists and had found that by combing the two disciplines she was achieving a phenomenal success rate in 1-2-1 sessions in her London practice and wanted to get the methodology out to the masses by writing the book.

“Stop buying shares in the Huggie corporation folks. We appear to have had success with this book as our child has had no wet nights since about 12 days after starting the program. Our child was a constant bed wetter so it’s a complete turnaround. There is no extra charge for the audio file and the book is reasonably priced. Why didn’t someone come up with this sooner!!!” Jonathan, Bristol (5* Review, Amazon UK)

Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days

Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days

Within weeks of the book’s launch Alicia was asked onto BBC Radio 2 as part of their ‘parenting series’ as the bedwetting expert and has had a host of press coverage since.

This further illustrates how powerful NLP can be when applied to specific areas and challenges. The first time we saw this was with Seeing Spells Achieving which is an NLP book applied to literacy and learning issues such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and others. It was first published in 2006 and is still the top NLP book in its field and has helped thousands of children turn around their learning issues. Recover Your Energy covers the application of NLP for chronic fatigue and ME and You Too Can Do Health covers the use of NLP for those going through critical trauma such as cancer patients.


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Cancer Patients’ Books Inspire Sufferers

Olive Hickmott and Keith Hern have several things in common. Both have suffered with cancer (Keith now for the 2nd time), both have written inspiring books that are giving hope to other sufferers, and both have a strong respect for the role NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has taken on the mental side of battling their cancer.

Keith Hern has throat cancer and his book ‘Bangers and Mash’ charts his first battle, through the chemotherapy and radiotherapy and with the help of an NLP coach. Keith is a photographer so the book includes some amazing photos of the process and his subsequent fundraising efforts. Leading chef Nigella Lawson was touched by Keith’s bravery and commented – “I admire Keith Hern’s spirit and his honesty”. Recent reviews on Amazon refer to how the book is helping:

“A captivating read of one individual’s experince of cancer treatment that could be helpful to people newly diagnosed with cancer or for those supporting loved ones through the process”.

Olive Hickmott is an NLP Master practitioner and her book ‘You Too Can Do Health‘ is an uplifting book for all those suffering critical trauma. Written with fellow cancer patient and NLP practitioner Sarah Kniighton (who sadly lost her personal battle shortly after the book was published) the book has generated endorsements from leading NLP guru Art Giser:

“It takes what is often dry information and makes it come alive in a story that will teach your conscious and your unconscious mind simple, powerful, and doable ways to enhance your health. This is one of those rare books that will change your life while still managing to be easy and compelling to read.”

Two fascinating perspectives of how addressing the mental aspects of battling cancer can make a huge difference and how NLP can applied. Our profound best wishes go to Keith who as we write this is tackling another bout of cancer and indeed writing another book as he found that the process of writing was also a great help.

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

You Too Can 'Do' Health

You Too Can 'Do' Health


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Bedwetting cure – combine NLP and Hypnotherapy

Bedwetting is a distressing problem for many children, making them anxious about normal activities like sleepovers and school trips. The British Medical Journal says that while most children are dry by age 7, about 5% of ten year olds, and 3% of fifteen-year-olds still have trouble controlling their bladders at night.

Alicia Eaton has combined NLP (Neuro Linguisitc Programming) with hypnotherapy to create a cure for bedwetting that is having a more than 95% success rate.

Alicia was interviewed recently on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour as part of their parenting series

BBC Radio 4 Recording

Alicia’s book ‘Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days’ has already jumped into the top twenty NLP titles in the UK and is selling very well in the USA following an endorsement from NLP guru Michael Neill. Michael kindly tweeted his support to his large Twitter following shortly after the book’s launch.

Alicia is an NLP master practitioner and has a practice in Harley Street in London.

Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days

Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days


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