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The Lancet – Oncology – Reviews Throat Cancer and NLP Book

“Hern excellently describes living with cancer.” The Lancet

We mentioned in a previous article that our proudest moment as a publisher came with Keith Hern’s appearance as an advocate for a mouth cancer charity on ITV’s This Morning and the recent review in The Lancet came very close as well. The Lancet is the most revered of medical journals and to even get considered important enough for a review is an honour. Below are comments and extracts from the long review which appears in Volume 11, December 2010.

Bangers and Mash charts Keith’s battle against throat cancer with the help of NLP and the review is glowing on how well Keith describes that journey.

“Hern excellently describes living with cancer – working out how to tell family and friends, and combining everyday life with the endless hospital appointments, scans, and blood tests. Hern uses italics to express his thoughts and differentiate them from what he actually says to medical staff, on the whole this effectively communicates the “daily turmoil” of what is actually going on behind his clichéd brave face”.

Several hospitals, including the Royal Marsden where Keith was treated are using the book with patients. A recent comment from a team leader there reaffirms the Lancet’s comments;

“Yesterday, I was in a research session looking at the role of acupuncture to resolve dryness of the mouth after radiotherapy. There were about six participants during the session and while they got all these needles stuck on them, one of the patients talked about your book. He said that he thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and that it gave him reassurance that he was not alone in what he had gone through.”

That seems to be a key role for the book that is born out in dozens of testimonials from around the world. The frankness and honesty combined with the level of detail on the process he went through is helping lots of patients – facing all types of cancers. One patient fed back;

“Had an amazing day today met the team of docs and nurses who are going to make me better, they could not believe how happy and positive I was. I know our cancers are both different but i didn’t stop talking about your book ….and how step by step it helped me understand so much.  I never knew what pet and ct scans where or radio therapy was but your book told me not only what it does but how it feels which most docs dont know because they have never had it done”

The Lancet article also comments on how helpful Keith’s photography throughout the book is in painting the picture for cancer patients.

“The photographic diary of his cancer treatment is a more interesting and effective way of illustrating his treatment that using words alone, and generally this photographic approach works very well”.

The articles echos at the end the sentiment of many readers of the book;

“Bangers and Mash is a very personal look at the day-to-day reality of coping with cancer and the positive outcome of Hern’s treatment makes it an uplifting read”.

As one doctor’s review on Amazon says, it is a must read for all doctors, cancer sufferers and their families. Bangers and Mash is available from all good bookstores, Amazon Kindle and iBooks for the iPad. More on Keith’s battle in the Daily Mail article comparing his fight with that of Michael Douglas.

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash


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Throat Cancer Survivor Talks About How NLP Helped In The Battle

Keith Hern talks honestly and frankly about throat cancer – from the moment of finding the lump through to getting the all-clear – chemotherapy, radiotherapy and NLP and the effect on friends and family.

Keith’s journey is catalogued in words and photos (he is a photographer by trade) in his book Bangers and Mash which has recently been picked up by a number of cancer organisations as a vital read for patients.


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Cancer Patients’ Books Inspire Sufferers

Olive Hickmott and Keith Hern have several things in common. Both have suffered with cancer (Keith now for the 2nd time), both have written inspiring books that are giving hope to other sufferers, and both have a strong respect for the role NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has taken on the mental side of battling their cancer.

Keith Hern has throat cancer and his book ‘Bangers and Mash’ charts his first battle, through the chemotherapy and radiotherapy and with the help of an NLP coach. Keith is a photographer so the book includes some amazing photos of the process and his subsequent fundraising efforts. Leading chef Nigella Lawson was touched by Keith’s bravery and commented – “I admire Keith Hern’s spirit and his honesty”. Recent reviews on Amazon refer to how the book is helping:

“A captivating read of one individual’s experince of cancer treatment that could be helpful to people newly diagnosed with cancer or for those supporting loved ones through the process”.

Olive Hickmott is an NLP Master practitioner and her book ‘You Too Can Do Health‘ is an uplifting book for all those suffering critical trauma. Written with fellow cancer patient and NLP practitioner Sarah Kniighton (who sadly lost her personal battle shortly after the book was published) the book has generated endorsements from leading NLP guru Art Giser:

“It takes what is often dry information and makes it come alive in a story that will teach your conscious and your unconscious mind simple, powerful, and doable ways to enhance your health. This is one of those rare books that will change your life while still managing to be easy and compelling to read.”

Two fascinating perspectives of how addressing the mental aspects of battling cancer can make a huge difference and how NLP can applied. Our profound best wishes go to Keith who as we write this is tackling another bout of cancer and indeed writing another book as he found that the process of writing was also a great help.

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

You Too Can 'Do' Health

You Too Can 'Do' Health


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