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The Top NLP Books for the Christmas List

Here are some recommendations for NLP books this christmas – ones that we ourselves will be gifting to friends and family. Some are for specific groups of people, but we kick off with one general one on New Year Resolutions.  Make New Year Resolutions and Keep Them Using NLP (Donna Blinston). The majority of us see the new year as an opportunity to make changes in our lives, and whether you have a formal new years resolution list, or just want to find a way to keep to a few specific things, this simple and practical book from Donna Blinston has worked wonders. Chris and Amazon reviewer comments I bought this book to help me get fit, I found it really easy to read and very beneficial. A lot of its contents are quite common sense when brought to your attention and without out them I believe I would still be where I was.”

NLP For Parents and NLP For Children. Judy Bartkowiak’s Engaging NLP series (which now includes Teens and Tweens) takes NLP and applies half a dozen to a dozen techniques to specific groups. Each book is 80-100 pages long and contains easy to implement methods to situations specific to the life stages involved. There are also books for New Mums, for Work, Teacher and others, and it is the NLP for Parents and NLP for Children books that are the most popular.

Bangers and Mash. For any person dealing with cancer, family members and friends, Keith Hern’s incredible moving book takes us on a journey with him as he battled throat cancer the first time around. Keith is a photographer so there are plenty of amazing pictures as well. With the aid of an NLP coach, Keith has beaten cancer twice, and is once again currently using a host of NLP techniques in his third battle against cancer. Keith is a leading advocate of the use of NLP with cancer patients and many hospitals have in fact changed their procedures after reading the book.

Seeing Spells Achieving (Bendefy and Hickmott). The #1 NLP book in the world for learning difficulties since 2006, the book is still in the UK top 20 NLP books and has helped turn around the lives of tens of thousands of people – mainly children – with a variety of learning difficulties such as dyslexia. When first launched is what seen as revolutionary – applying NLP techniques in this field – and six years later is regarded as the definitive book that many others have built upon.

Negotiation Mastery. We can all do with some help in negotiation, whether its in business or in our personal lives. This new book comes from the position of creating the ‘win-win’ and is getting incredible reviews. The author, Simon Horton, has even trained top hostage negotiators and his no-nonsense approach is very easy to follow.

Influencing The Interview. Getting a job in the challenging economy is extremely tough and Chris Delaney should know – he runs a recruitment business. Chris is also an NLP practitioner and in this book he shares all the secrets of maximising your influence in that all important job interview using a host of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques

And The Next Question Is? Getting the necessary information is all down to how good your questions are and this book has thousands of insightful questions that will live long in many coaches and practitioners toolkits.

Finally, a fun book that includes a chapter on NLP from one of the world’s most fascinating mentalists – Joe Riggs. ‘The Real Sherlock Holmes’ is a book that explains the deductive techniques that con-artists and charlatans use to garner facts about people – many of which are used by the world’s most famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. The title of the book comes from a major US newspaper reporter who, on witnessing Riggs’s deductive skills, dubbed him ‘the real Sherlock Holmes’ and the name stuck.


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Interview with Rosie OHara, author of No More Bingo Dresses, Using NLP to cope with Breast Cancer and Other People

No More Bingo DressesFollowing the phenomenal reaction around the world to Keith Hern’s book on throat cancer and NLP (Bangers and Mash), including his appearance on ITV’s This Morning as an advocate for throat cancer awareness, the forthcoming book on NLP and breast cancer from Rosie O’Hara is eagerly awaited. Rosie is an NLP practitioner herself, so the book goes in to a lot of detail on the techniques she used.

We pinned Rosie down briefly after a weekend of training NLP Practitioners (and Belly Dancing in between she tells us) in sunny Aberdeen for a quick interview.

Why was writing No More Bingo Dresses important to you?
As a Licensed NLP Trainer I believe ‘walking my talk’ is important and sharing what I’ve done with NLP is important too. And my young friend Sam (32 and mum of 2 small children) asked me to share my then diary and my sometimes dark humour with other people.

Why is ‘coping with other people’ in the title along with ‘coping with cancer’?
Curiously I found coping with other people was more of a challenge in some ways and using my knowledge of NLP was a great way of understanding it’s not about them (or me) personally, more about their reactions and the generalised reaction to the ‘C’ word.  And NLP helped me refrain from screaming at times;)  As well as helping me to resolve issues and cope better.

Who is the book intended for?
Anyone, please anyone. I found it interesting that it was easier to get guys to review the book and write something, some women got very stuck at parts.  Guys can get breast cancer too (7 year old Leon tells you that in his Youtube Video) is one thing to bear in mind.  And 1 in 3 of us is affected by cancer in some way and those of us who have had cancer would just like someone to speak to.  And I and my young friend Sam would like more of us to talk about breast cancer and I would like people to be aware that  you don’t have to have or have had ‘cancer in the family’ – I’m the first in our family to have had cancer.

You talk a lot about that fact that you ‘had cancer’
Yes the past tense, I had cancer. Also I, in no way regard myself as a ‘survivor’ nor did I ‘battle’ – all very tiring to me.  I have a life to get on with; it was not in my plan for the year 2009.  I needed my energy for other things.

Why are Bingo Dresses in the title?
Well I’d like you to read the book and find out what a Bingo Dress is please;)  The book had 2 other titles previous to this one, the first one a couple of male friends didn’t like, the second had already been used and this title came from a conversation I did for an intro chat to ‘The Strong Breast Revolution’ a play at Edinburgh Festival in 2009 when talking to another friend Sam about boobs and also a late night conversation on we need to change the title with my friend Susan as we searched for a striking image for the cover.
Do you advocate this as alternative therapy?
Reading therapy yes!  What I did and am doing is for me.  I think everyone needs to make their own informed choice of what is right them.   I would however love all caring professionals to learn and embrace NLP listening and questioning skills, to learn about ‘Model of the World’ and ‘Rapport’ as well as skills for maintaining their own good and useful state and being aware of what impact language has on themselves and others.

So what are you doing with life now?
Using NLP to enable myself and others enhance our lives and those of others. Writing some new courses for training health care professionals, and continuing to work using NLP to develop leaders.  And most importantly continuing to enjoy life.

No More Bingo Dresses is available from all good bookstores worldwide including Amazon, via Amazon Kindle, and iBooks (for the iPad and iPhone). The book is an ideal resource for cancer patients, their family and friends and indeed NLP practitioners. The extensive glossary in the book covers all the NLP terms used, and Rosie’s frank and open style makes the book very easy to read.

You can read more about Rosie’s story in the Rosie O’Hara blog and for an introduction, check out her introductory video on YouTube. You can also contact Rosie through her website NLP Highland.


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Social Drinking Increases The Threat of Throat Cancer

Dominating the news across the UK yesterday was the new report highlighting the link between social drinking and throat cancer. Lead interview for many of the news networks (SKY, ITV etc) was Keith Hern, whose book Bangers and Mash charts his battle against throat cancer.

Keith is now an ambassador for several cancer charities and advocate for moderation. Fellow MX author Alex Buckley agrees. His recent book Lose Weight in 20 minutes has caused quite a stir by stating the obvious – moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle. The difference with Alex is he shares the ways to achieve moderation. Yesterday his blog article ‘Alcohol Is Cancerous, But Don’t Panic!’ outlined the tactics he used to moderate his drinking – a key part of the plan that helped him lose over 3 stone (20 kilos, 40 pounds) in weight.

We need both advocates like Keith to highlight the dangers of excess in our lives, and sound practical advice like Alex’s to implement moderation.

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Dentists saving thousands of lives. If you’re a smoker, visit your dentist for early detection of mouth cancer.

A wonderful article from Dentistry highlights today that a very surprising ‘front line’ of defence against mouth cancer is in fact your dentist. Especially if you are a smoker, your dentist is the perfect person to detect mouth cancer early enough for you to be able to survive it. The whole article is here – Smokers Urged To Visit The Dentist.

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How Books Change Lives – Battling Cancer with NLP

With our focus on new technology and industry trends, sometimes we can lose sight of the power of the written word to change lives. In an uplifting story, a book by a London cancer patient, himself given a 40% probability of survival, is helping thousands of cancer patients come to terms with their illness.

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The Lancet – Oncology – Reviews Throat Cancer and NLP Book

“Hern excellently describes living with cancer.” The Lancet

We mentioned in a previous article that our proudest moment as a publisher came with Keith Hern’s appearance as an advocate for a mouth cancer charity on ITV’s This Morning and the recent review in The Lancet came very close as well. The Lancet is the most revered of medical journals and to even get considered important enough for a review is an honour. Below are comments and extracts from the long review which appears in Volume 11, December 2010.

Bangers and Mash charts Keith’s battle against throat cancer with the help of NLP and the review is glowing on how well Keith describes that journey.

“Hern excellently describes living with cancer – working out how to tell family and friends, and combining everyday life with the endless hospital appointments, scans, and blood tests. Hern uses italics to express his thoughts and differentiate them from what he actually says to medical staff, on the whole this effectively communicates the “daily turmoil” of what is actually going on behind his clichéd brave face”.

Several hospitals, including the Royal Marsden where Keith was treated are using the book with patients. A recent comment from a team leader there reaffirms the Lancet’s comments;

“Yesterday, I was in a research session looking at the role of acupuncture to resolve dryness of the mouth after radiotherapy. There were about six participants during the session and while they got all these needles stuck on them, one of the patients talked about your book. He said that he thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and that it gave him reassurance that he was not alone in what he had gone through.”

That seems to be a key role for the book that is born out in dozens of testimonials from around the world. The frankness and honesty combined with the level of detail on the process he went through is helping lots of patients – facing all types of cancers. One patient fed back;

“Had an amazing day today met the team of docs and nurses who are going to make me better, they could not believe how happy and positive I was. I know our cancers are both different but i didn’t stop talking about your book ….and how step by step it helped me understand so much.  I never knew what pet and ct scans where or radio therapy was but your book told me not only what it does but how it feels which most docs dont know because they have never had it done”

The Lancet article also comments on how helpful Keith’s photography throughout the book is in painting the picture for cancer patients.

“The photographic diary of his cancer treatment is a more interesting and effective way of illustrating his treatment that using words alone, and generally this photographic approach works very well”.

The articles echos at the end the sentiment of many readers of the book;

“Bangers and Mash is a very personal look at the day-to-day reality of coping with cancer and the positive outcome of Hern’s treatment makes it an uplifting read”.

As one doctor’s review on Amazon says, it is a must read for all doctors, cancer sufferers and their families. Bangers and Mash is available from all good bookstores, Amazon Kindle and iBooks for the iPad. More on Keith’s battle in the Daily Mail article comparing his fight with that of Michael Douglas.

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash


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