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Interview with Rosie OHara, author of No More Bingo Dresses, Using NLP to cope with Breast Cancer and Other People

No More Bingo DressesFollowing the phenomenal reaction around the world to Keith Hern’s book on throat cancer and NLP (Bangers and Mash), including his appearance on ITV’s This Morning as an advocate for throat cancer awareness, the forthcoming book on NLP and breast cancer from Rosie O’Hara is eagerly awaited. Rosie is an NLP practitioner herself, so the book goes in to a lot of detail on the techniques she used.

We pinned Rosie down briefly after a weekend of training NLP Practitioners (and Belly Dancing in between she tells us) in sunny Aberdeen for a quick interview.

Why was writing No More Bingo Dresses important to you?
As a Licensed NLP Trainer I believe ‘walking my talk’ is important and sharing what I’ve done with NLP is important too. And my young friend Sam (32 and mum of 2 small children) asked me to share my then diary and my sometimes dark humour with other people.

Why is ‘coping with other people’ in the title along with ‘coping with cancer’?
Curiously I found coping with other people was more of a challenge in some ways and using my knowledge of NLP was a great way of understanding it’s not about them (or me) personally, more about their reactions and the generalised reaction to the ‘C’ word.  And NLP helped me refrain from screaming at times;)  As well as helping me to resolve issues and cope better.

Who is the book intended for?
Anyone, please anyone. I found it interesting that it was easier to get guys to review the book and write something, some women got very stuck at parts.  Guys can get breast cancer too (7 year old Leon tells you that in his Youtube Video) is one thing to bear in mind.  And 1 in 3 of us is affected by cancer in some way and those of us who have had cancer would just like someone to speak to.  And I and my young friend Sam would like more of us to talk about breast cancer and I would like people to be aware that  you don’t have to have or have had ‘cancer in the family’ – I’m the first in our family to have had cancer.

You talk a lot about that fact that you ‘had cancer’
Yes the past tense, I had cancer. Also I, in no way regard myself as a ‘survivor’ nor did I ‘battle’ – all very tiring to me.  I have a life to get on with; it was not in my plan for the year 2009.  I needed my energy for other things.

Why are Bingo Dresses in the title?
Well I’d like you to read the book and find out what a Bingo Dress is please;)  The book had 2 other titles previous to this one, the first one a couple of male friends didn’t like, the second had already been used and this title came from a conversation I did for an intro chat to ‘The Strong Breast Revolution’ a play at Edinburgh Festival in 2009 when talking to another friend Sam about boobs and also a late night conversation on we need to change the title with my friend Susan as we searched for a striking image for the cover.
Do you advocate this as alternative therapy?
Reading therapy yes!  What I did and am doing is for me.  I think everyone needs to make their own informed choice of what is right them.   I would however love all caring professionals to learn and embrace NLP listening and questioning skills, to learn about ‘Model of the World’ and ‘Rapport’ as well as skills for maintaining their own good and useful state and being aware of what impact language has on themselves and others.

So what are you doing with life now?
Using NLP to enable myself and others enhance our lives and those of others. Writing some new courses for training health care professionals, and continuing to work using NLP to develop leaders.  And most importantly continuing to enjoy life.

No More Bingo Dresses is available from all good bookstores worldwide including Amazon, via Amazon Kindle, and iBooks (for the iPad and iPhone). The book is an ideal resource for cancer patients, their family and friends and indeed NLP practitioners. The extensive glossary in the book covers all the NLP terms used, and Rosie’s frank and open style makes the book very easy to read.

You can read more about Rosie’s story in the Rosie O’Hara blog and for an introduction, check out her introductory video on YouTube. You can also contact Rosie through her website NLP Highland.


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National TV Appearance For Throat Cancer Survivor that used NLP to battle the disease

Keith Hern’s groundbreaking book ‘Bangers and Mash‘ has been a bestseller in many countries in the field of throat cancer. An open and honest journey through his battle with throat cancer, the book is a revelation also for the photos throughout the book. Keith is a professional photographer and took pictures all the way through the battle with throat cancer.

Keith recently appeared on ITVs ‘This Morning’ in a an unprecedented eleven minute interview as an advocate for a mouth cancer charity bringing the message of early identification to an audience of millions.

Keith Hern - ITV's This Morning 30th November 2010

ITV have very kindly put the full interview on their website [click on any of the pictures to be taken to the full interview].

Bangers and Mash - ITV's This Morning

The book is being used by many cancer hospitals and charities both to give hope to patients battling cancer, but also to question existing processes used with patients. The book is available from good bookstores around the world and is particularly popular in eBooks formats – Amazon Kindle and iBooks for the iPad and iPhone.

In the USA the book is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

In the UK  the book is available from Amazon, Book Depository [free delivery worldwide] and Watersones.

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash


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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Executive Coaching To Beat Cancer

Bangers and Mash is a life story with a difference: this book recounts how professional photographer and alternative therapy sceptic Keith Hern used a topical executive coaching strategy (NLP) to fight throat cancer and win.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is most commonly used to help executives overcome their perceived limitations to reach career goals. NLP Gurus include Paul McKenna, Michael Neill, Richard Bandler and Art Giser. MostBangers and Mash is a life story with a difference: this book recounts how professional photographer and alternative therapy sceptic Keith Hern used a topical executive coaching strategy (NLP) to fight throat cancer and win. businesspeople use the techniques to improve their confidence and sales skills but Keith used its methods for the battle of his life, with results that have impressed and amazed the medical establishment.

Bangers and Mash charts that battle – with great candour and humour Keith tells it like it is. Being a photographer he also shows it like it is, persuading medical staff and friends to take pictures at every stage of his treatment.

The result is a gripping story, not always comfortable, but always honest. Written: “to help anyone else faced with the doom-laden words ‘you have cancer’ to know what it’s like” the book also raises some thought-provoking questions about traditional treatment routes.

Meeting his NLP coach in an entirely unrelated context and prior to his cancer diagnosis, Keith turned up for his first session “an emotional wreck, frightened to death and simply not knowing how to deal with the treatment process.” He left with an altogether more positive outlook having taken the first steps on the road to changing his beliefs to ‘I can beat this’.

Keith credits the regular Neuro-Linguistic Programming sessions with helping to keep positive and give him the energy to fight his cancer. Read the book – it’s inspiring, thought-provoking and ultimately uplifting.

Reviews from businesswomen in particular have been glowing. Internationally successful chef Nigella Lawson comments “I admire Keith Herns spirit and his honesty“.

Businesspeople facing major challenges can take a lot from Keith’s story as he shows how NLP helped him gain focus and drive him towards his goal of surviving the cancer. If Keith could use NLP to take on cancer then there it proves there is a lot there for entrepreneurs to use to tackle the challenges that they face in business.

The link between NLP and energy has been around for some time with the phrase ‘Energetic NLP’ being used by many practitioners.

As a photographer by trade Keith charts the battle with some fascinating images with special permissions granted by The Royal Marsden Hospital. Funds from the book go towards the hospitals great work with cancer patients.

The book is available from all good bookstores and Keith’s website. Booksellers The Book Depository are offering free delivery worldwide on the book. In addition to positive reviews from trade reviewers, people with family members battling cancer have charted how helpful the book has been:

“A brilliant read for anyone who has been diagnosed or caring for someone with cancer as it is inspirational and gives a comprehensive detailed account of life as a cancer patient and how you can win.”


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