Author Blogs

Several of our authors have blogs on specific subjects – the links to them are below. Most authors also have author pages on Goodreads.

Alistair Duncan’s Sherlockian Blog

Amy Thomas (Baker Street Babes) – Girl Meets Sherlock

Ben Cardall’s Deductionist Blog

Charlotte Walter’s Barefoot On Baker Street

Chris Chan’s Crime & Criticism

Christopher James’s Blog

Dan Andriacco’s Baker Street Beat Blog

David Marcum’s A Seventeen Step Program Blog

David Ruffle’s Stories from Lymelight

Dean Turnbloom’s Sherlock Holmes and The Whitechapel Vampire Blog

Diane Gilbert Madsen’s – The Game’s Afoot! Blog

Felicia Carparelli’s Murderous Sherlockian Blog

Geri Schear’s Blog 

Gretchen Altabef – Features of Interest

Harry DeMaio’s Octavius Bear’s Lair Blog

Kate Workman’s Baker Street Thoughts

Keiran McMullen’s Dr Watson Blog

Kim Krisco – Sherlock Holmes Golden Years – WordPress – Blogspot

Luke Benjamen Kuhns – My Study 

Mrs Hudson’s Kitchen – Wendy Heyman-Marsaw

Molly Carr’s Watsonian Blog

Paul R Spiring’s BFR Online Sherlockian/Bertram Fletcher Robinson Blog

Sheldon Goldfarb – Sherlockian Musings Blog

Thomas Kent Miller’s – Ruminations on Sherlockian Books

Tracy Revels Sherlockian Blog


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