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THE book for January 1st

The perfect guide to making new year resolutions and keeping them – drawing on NLP techniques.

What is a New Year resolution?! To me a New Year resolution is a Goal I wish to make, motivated by the coming of a New Year and the end of an old. Almost giving me permission to let go of the past and motivate me to look towards the future.

Make New Year resolutions-AND KEEP THEM USING NLP! is an extract from Psychobabble: A straight forward, plain English guide to the Benefits of NLP; showing the importance of making well formed outcomes and then actually visualising that they are real to boost motivation to achieve it!

Make New Year Resolutions is available from all good bookstores including in the USA Barnes and Noble and Amazon, in the UK Amazon and Waterstones. For other countries Book Depository  offer free delivery worldwide. The book is also available in ebook format including Kindle, Nook,  Kobo and iTunes (iPad/iPhone).

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Overcoming Dyslexia: Success toolkit for nurses

Dyslexia, poor literacy and numeracy can be a real block for nurses who are really dedicated and competent in every other aspect of their work.

Empowering Learning has now made available an on-line course that is designed to teach nurses how they can best use their skills of mental imagery to improve literacy, numeracy, concentration, memory and dyslexia.

Take a look here for more details.  You can order on-line or call for a free discussion.
Your skills are invaluable don’t let them be lost to literacy and numeracy challenges.

Seeing Spells Achieving is available from all good bookstores including in the USA Barnes and Noble and Amazon, in the UK Amazon and Waterstones. For other countries Book Depository  offer free delivery worldwide.

Bridges to Success is available from all good bookstores including in the USA Barnes and Noble and Amazon, in the UK Amazon and Waterstones. For other countries Book Depository offer free delivery worldwide. The book is also available in ebook format including KindleKoboNook and iPad.

bridges to success

seeing spells


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Top 10 NLP books from MX Publishing on Kobo on Boxing Day

5 books from Author Judy Bartkowiak in the top 10 on Kobo today!

#12  NLP for Parents

#13  NLP for Children

#18  Entrancing Tales for Change

#22  Online Therapy – Reading Between the Lines

#27 NLP for Teens

#37 Going Mental

#40  Passing the 11+ with NLP

#41  Inside Out

#42  Make New Years Resolutions and Keep them using NLP

#45  NLP back to Work

nlp for parents


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Top 10 MX NLP books on Nook – 23rd December

NLP for Teachers by Judy Bartkowiak at the top of the top 10 NLP books from MX Publishing on Nook today.

#652,366  NLP For Teachers

#1,001,325  NLP For Children

#1,171,736  Going Mental

#1,171,737  NLP For Parents

#1,181,344  Succeed in Sport

Bangers and Mash

Inside Out – Personal Excellence Through Self Discovey

Inspiration – A Users Guide

Keep Walking – Leadership Learning in Action

Make New Year Resolutions and keep them using NLP

For a full listing of Nook NLP books check out the NLP Nook Books page on Pinterest.

nlp for teachers


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Top 20 NLP Books on Kindle

Performance Strategies for Musicians by David Buswell at the top of the top twenty MX NLP books on Amazon Kindle USA….

#204,543  Performance Strategies for Musicians

#497,395  NLP for Teachers (Engaging NLP)

#517,686  Inside Out – Personal Excellence Through Self Discovey

#530,869  NLP for Children (Engaging NLP)

#550,630  NLP for Parents

#581,569  Going Mental: Reaching your Goals in Business and Sports

#618,417  Bridges to Success

#642,466  Recover your Energy

#666,207  Entrancing Tales for Change with Hypnosis and NLP

#676,383  Online Therapy – Reading Between the lines

#694,453  Bangers and Mash: How to Take on Throat Cancer

#713,150  NLP for Teens

#740,676  Inside Out: NLP and Hypnosis for Weight Loss

#765,706  Developmental Coaching

#773,936  Succeed in Sport

#827,169  Make New Year Resolutions

#833,371  And the Next Question is… 

#847,311  Negotiation Mastery

#858,045  LIFE

#862,903  PNL Pour les Enfants

performance strategies


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The Top NLP Books for the Christmas List

Here are some recommendations for NLP books this christmas – ones that we ourselves will be gifting to friends and family. Some are for specific groups of people, but we kick off with one general one on New Year Resolutions.  Make New Year Resolutions and Keep Them Using NLP (Donna Blinston). The majority of us see the new year as an opportunity to make changes in our lives, and whether you have a formal new years resolution list, or just want to find a way to keep to a few specific things, this simple and practical book from Donna Blinston has worked wonders. Chris and Amazon reviewer comments I bought this book to help me get fit, I found it really easy to read and very beneficial. A lot of its contents are quite common sense when brought to your attention and without out them I believe I would still be where I was.”

NLP For Parents and NLP For Children. Judy Bartkowiak’s Engaging NLP series (which now includes Teens and Tweens) takes NLP and applies half a dozen to a dozen techniques to specific groups. Each book is 80-100 pages long and contains easy to implement methods to situations specific to the life stages involved. There are also books for New Mums, for Work, Teacher and others, and it is the NLP for Parents and NLP for Children books that are the most popular.

Bangers and Mash. For any person dealing with cancer, family members and friends, Keith Hern’s incredible moving book takes us on a journey with him as he battled throat cancer the first time around. Keith is a photographer so there are plenty of amazing pictures as well. With the aid of an NLP coach, Keith has beaten cancer twice, and is once again currently using a host of NLP techniques in his third battle against cancer. Keith is a leading advocate of the use of NLP with cancer patients and many hospitals have in fact changed their procedures after reading the book.

Seeing Spells Achieving (Bendefy and Hickmott). The #1 NLP book in the world for learning difficulties since 2006, the book is still in the UK top 20 NLP books and has helped turn around the lives of tens of thousands of people – mainly children – with a variety of learning difficulties such as dyslexia. When first launched is what seen as revolutionary – applying NLP techniques in this field – and six years later is regarded as the definitive book that many others have built upon.

Negotiation Mastery. We can all do with some help in negotiation, whether its in business or in our personal lives. This new book comes from the position of creating the ‘win-win’ and is getting incredible reviews. The author, Simon Horton, has even trained top hostage negotiators and his no-nonsense approach is very easy to follow.

Influencing The Interview. Getting a job in the challenging economy is extremely tough and Chris Delaney should know – he runs a recruitment business. Chris is also an NLP practitioner and in this book he shares all the secrets of maximising your influence in that all important job interview using a host of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques

And The Next Question Is? Getting the necessary information is all down to how good your questions are and this book has thousands of insightful questions that will live long in many coaches and practitioners toolkits.

Finally, a fun book that includes a chapter on NLP from one of the world’s most fascinating mentalists – Joe Riggs. ‘The Real Sherlock Holmes’ is a book that explains the deductive techniques that con-artists and charlatans use to garner facts about people – many of which are used by the world’s most famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes. The title of the book comes from a major US newspaper reporter who, on witnessing Riggs’s deductive skills, dubbed him ‘the real Sherlock Holmes’ and the name stuck.


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Resolving Conflicts With Your Father Using NLP 06/15 by The Organic View | Blog Talk Radio

Resolving Conflicts With Your Father Using NLP 06/15 by The Organic View | Blog Talk Radio.

Great interview with author of ‘Psychobabble’ Donna Blinston on resolving conflict with NLP.


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Meeting the NLP Practitioner and coach that also happens to be a leading MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Fighter

Going Mental

There are few more fascinating author  interviews I’ve conducted over the years than my meeting with Jakob Lovstad, author of ‘Going Mental – Reaching your Goals in Business and Sports – Full Contact NLP Coaching From a Full Contact Fighter. We met in a very cold and snowy Stockholm and chatted about the book, his coaching and his fighting. Jakob is in the top 10 Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters in Europe, a fighting coach and now NLP practitioner and business coach.

Physically Jakob is a big guy. Around 2 metres tall and he fights in the light heavyweight class. With his hair shaven close to his scalp – having hair is a potential weakness in some classes of MMA where hair grabbing is allowed – he cuts a pretty intimidating figure. As soon as he begins to talk you realise that behind this tough exterior lies a very intelligent and articulate coach. He may ply his trade knocking seven bells out of his counterparts in the ring, but the key to his and the fighters he trains success is born out of NLP. Don’t tell anyone, as it may affect his “Striking Viking” persona in the cage, but this is one very clever guy. Jakob went to the Norwegian equivalent of MIT and spent 4 years working on his PHD before he made the unusual move into MMA.

Jakob was introduced to NLP by a coach following a disastrous fight in which a cocky and arrogant (his own words) Lovstad went into the ring injured and wholly mentally unprepared. After a very bad and humiliating beating he spent much of the recovery time learning NLP which proved a revelation for him. Jakob realised the potential to add NLP based preparation to a fighters training and set about building a program for MMA fighters.  The results have been excellent with the program creating top fighters that are also mentally prepared for their fights. Jakob saw the natural transition to bring the techniques into the business world and now works with business leaders with a no-nonsense coaching philosophy and interesting offers a ‘no-change, no-fee’ deal to his clients. A very unique type of business coach.

John Grinder, co-founder of NLP agrees that Jakob is a very unusual case;

“Consider, however the context – while I could well be wrong, I doubt that many of the professional full contact fighters concern themselves about such philosophical issues as the possibility of objectivity, the distinction between reality and experience, the issue of whether life has meaning or is it that we simply create the meaning in our lives. Jakob does. And this makes for a lively insight into this very special world.”

Whilst some of the philosophies Jakob puts across will no doubt be controversial [he advocates a ‘personal religion’ rather than subscribing to any of the traditional religions for example] Grinder goes on to say how in fact Jakob’s work is a great demonstration of NLP

“NLP (especially New Code NLP) has as its focus the extraordinary, the genius, in whatever field of endeavor. Here is a narrative about its consequences embodied in a cage fighter – have a look – the patterns are perfectly applicable to what you do as well as what Jakob does.”

My favourite comment on Jakob’s concept of ‘full contact NLP’ comes from Jorgen Rasmussen:

“Despite the fact that I disagree strongly with some of his philosophy, Jakob’s results using NLP patterning to become a high achiever in the toughest sport on earth speaks for itself. When the consequences of your ideas not working properly is a shin to the neck, you are pretty much forced to find out what actually works and what is B.S.”

Jakob still fights, with his next major bout coming up in March and he insists this helps him with his business clients. It is a strong demonstration that the techniques he is applying with them are similar to those he is using before stepping into the cage with some of the world’s leading MMA fighters. Jakob uses the phrase “battle tested” for his methods and he’s very passionate about what he sees as a ‘regurgitation bandwagon’ with several writers simply re-hashing the original NLP principles – and on that point he has a lot of supporters.

So the consensus is that Going Mental is a very valid, interesting and valuable contribution to the overall NLP field – even if you don’t agree with some of the strong views expressed within. One thing is for sure, the next few months as his publisher is going to be an interesting ride.

Going Mental is available through all good bookstores, on Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books and iBooks (iPad and iPhone). To contact Jakob about speaking at an event (he’s very good in front of large audiences) visit his website


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Throat Cancer Survivor Talks About How NLP Helped In The Battle

Keith Hern talks honestly and frankly about throat cancer – from the moment of finding the lump through to getting the all-clear – chemotherapy, radiotherapy and NLP and the effect on friends and family.

Keith’s journey is catalogued in words and photos (he is a photographer by trade) in his book Bangers and Mash which has recently been picked up by a number of cancer organisations as a vital read for patients.


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How to use self-hypnosis, meditation, Zen, universal laws, quantum energy, and the latest psychological and NLP techniques to be a better golfer

Play Magic Golf

Play Magic Golf - The Book

Dr Stephen Simpson is an executive golf coach. He also happens to be an NLP master practitioner and a hypnosis expert. He has spent a good many years learning from NLP experts like Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler and started to share his expertise in audio books and mp3 downloads and reached the No.1 spot for the mp3 download on iTunes for ‘Play Magic Golf’.

Now Stephen has taken all the expertise and put it into a handy book for golfers in what is certain to be the top of the christmas card list for all golfers around the world.

It was only released a few days ago and its already entered the Top 100 for NLP.

It’s published on the 1st September and available for pre-order from Book Depository with free delivery worldwide – click here.


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