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The bestselling Sherlock Holmes audio books in January

#1 Scarlet Thread of Murder – Luke Kuhns & Joff Manning – Sherlock Holmes short stories

#2 A Guide to Deduction – Hannah Rogers and Steve White – The ultimate handbook for any aspiring Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Watson

#3 Sherlock Holmes and the Hunt for Jack the Ripper – Gerard Kelly and  Kevin Theis

With 4 books drawing for 4th place

#4 In Unhallowed Rest: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure – John Sutton and  Steve White

#4 Return To Reichenbach – Geri Schear and Dominic Lopez

#4 Sherlock Holmes and the Folk Tale Mysteries Volume 1 – Gayle Lange Puhl  and  James Young

#4 The Vatican Cameos: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure – Richard T Ryan and  Nigel Peever

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Out this week on audio – Eliminate the Impossible

Out this week on audio –  Eliminate the Impossible: An Examination of the World of Sherlock Holmes on Page and Screen

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The book begins with a brief examination of the effect that the stories have had on modern crime literature. It goes on to examine the origins of the character of Holmes himself from his appearance to his drug use and supposed dislike of women. We then move onto a mini-biography of some of the significant characters in the series. Each of the original stories by Conan Doyle is examined in an effort to explain some of the more esoteric aspects and an examination is made of the attempts to form a proper chronology for the stories – as Doyle did not write the stories in strict chronological order. The second half of the book focuses on Holmes’s career on the screen. There is a brief examination of some of the more notable actors to have portrayed Holmes and the films in which they appeared. Finally we look at the possible requirements for a definitive screen portrayal of the canon.

Eliminate the Impossible is also available from all good bookstores, in many formats worldwide including The Strand Magazine,  Amazon USA,  Barnes and Noble,  Amazon UKWaterstones UK, Book Depository (free worldwide delivery), Amazon Kindle,  Kobo,  Nook  and iBooks for the iPad/iPhone.



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Sherlock Holmes Audio Books

Sherlock Holmes Audio Books Pinterest Board –  All of these Sherlock Holmes books have been released in audio book format.



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The audio book revolution IS here

I promised I would check back in once we had been up and running with audio books for six months and here we are coming into November following another strong month of sales. This week sees us release our fiftieth audio book. Granted, within the list are around a dozen short stories, but most on the list are novels and one non-fiction title.

So how are the books performing in audio format?

Almost exclusively better than they have done in print. We had hoped our top titles would do well and they have. What has been a very pleasant surprise is that many titles that have struggled in print and ebook have sold well in audio. This is very interesting for us as we have a big back catalogue with mixed sales performance. For all the independent publishers that haven’t jumped on the audio train yet it’s a great time to do so.

The revolution I mention in the title of the article is the mechanism by which we have been able to launch so many titles in such a short period of time – the ACX marketplace. It enables narrators/producers to pick up projects from publishers on a revenue share basis. It’s a little trite to refer to ACX as the Uber of audio books but there are some very interesting parallels.

The biggest one is that like Uber drivers who fit in trips alongside their day job, narrators are able to use ACX as a filler in between paid projects and get a chance to add something quirky and interesting to their portfolio. We are very lucky to be publishing Sherlock Holmes books as many of the actors (lots of narrators are actors) have always wanted to play Holmes and this gives them the chance to bring their voice to The Great Detective.

I’ve been impressed by a few things about our narrators. The first is the range and versatility of the voices produced. I naively thought when we went into this that the majority of narrators would read the stories in the voice of Dr Watson and that would be it. The current record for one of our Holmes Stories (held by Richard Britannia narrating Sherlock Holmes The Golden Years) is more than 40 – yes, forty – different voices. Brilliant. The second has been the self-promotion that the narrators do. I shouldn’t have been surprised with that one as most actors are by definition not introverts. ACX makes it easy to promote by providing lots of reviewer codes.

So, if there are any existing audio fans out there that would like reviewer codes (probably enough to keep them going for life with the rate we are producing them) do get in touch via our Audio Reviewer signup – we have a few slots left.

For those that haven’t tried audio yet can I recommend ‘Sherlock Holmes and The Vatican Cameos’ from Rich Ryan narrated by Nigel Peever. It’s getting wonderful reviews for both the story and narration and received a nice endorsement from NY Times Bestselling author Lee Child [yes, that ‘Reacher’ Lee Child]. We’ve listed all our audiobooks onto our Pinterest Sherlock Holmes Audio Books Board.

The audio book revolution IS indeed here, and long may it continue.

By Steve Emecz



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Sherlock Holmes and A Hole In The Devil’s Tail now out on audio

Sherlock Holmes and A Hole In The Devil’s Tail now out on audio.

Holmes and Watson are handed the challenge of solving the London Tarot Murders, a dark episode which, to quote Dr. Watson’s in his memoirs, “occupies a lofty place in the annals of all black deeds ever committed in the long memory of the ancient, regal city, higher even than the infamous affair with the Ripper.”

Some fiend is brutally murdering random people in Lower Havering and pinning cards from the Italian deck upon their faces. And this string of killings appears to have some relation to the strange, unsolved slaying of the renowned solicitor Richard Corkright in his cozy, secure Merton office. The gauntlet is thrown down, and Holmes, at great risk to both himself and his faithful chronicler, snatches it up. But what price will the two valiant men pay for meddling in the affairs of the sinister Tarot Master?

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The Amateur Executioner – Sherlock Holmes and Enoch Hale – the first adventure now in audio book

The Amateur Executioner – Sherlock Holmes and Enoch Hale – the first adventure now in audio book from – Amazon USA and Amazon UK.

“I don’t give a 5-star review lightly, but this book deserves one for its sheer ability to delight me with its masterful storytelling.

The new collaborative novel by two seasoned Sherlock Holmes novelists is a rare type of book for me to review, since it does not directly star Sherlock Holmes. Instead, the world’s greatest detective has a prominent supporting role in an entertaining 1920s mystery that also includes TS Eliot, WB Yeats, and several other historical characters.

The Amateur Executioner is the kind of book that can be enjoyed on several levels. Those who want an exciting, fast-moving, and action-filled mystery will appreciate its pace and wit, while those who are more interested in the Sherlock Holmes element will also find many subtle and clever references to the Doyle canon. Unexpectedly, there’s also a lot to love for those who appreciate classic literature and the writers of the early 20th century.

Having read other work by both Andriacco and McMullen, I wouldn’t necessarily have expected the two to collaborate. I hesitate to label them too strictly, but Andriacco’s style generally reads, to my ear, like Dashiell Hammett-style detective narrative, while McMullen is more traditionally Victorian and imitative of Doyle in his pastiches. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the two coalesced throughout the book. I don’t know what the division of writing was, but the voice of the American protagonist, Enoch Hale, strikes me as predominately Andriacco’s, while the historical atmosphere and several of the other voices seem to belong more to McMullen.

Above all, the novel is enjoyable. It’s a quick read that can be digested in a few sittings, and the ending leaves the reader hoping for more. Andriacco and McMullen have done a masterful job of blending history, fiction, and Sherlock Holmes in a way that entices and delights. I suppose the question is, does Holmes belong to the fiction or to the history? The authors of The Amateur Executioner will make you believe he’s absolutely real”

Amy Thomas, The Baker Street Babes

amateur executioner audio


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The Detective and the Woman by Amy Thomas now released in audio format!

The Detective and the Woman by Amy Thomas now released in audio format! Also available in paperback – in the USA from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in the UK Amazon and Waterstones. For elsewhere Book Depository offer free delivery worldwide. In ebook format it is in  Amazon Kindle , iTunes (iPad/iPhone) and Kobo.

audio detective and the woman


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