Top ten Sherlock Holmes Audio books in November

03 Dec

1.   The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes–Luke Kuhns and Joff Manning

2.   A Continuum of Sherlock Holmes Stories – Jay Ganguly and Kevin E Green

3.   The Further Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes – Volume 1–Denis O. Smith and Kevin E Green

4.  Sherlockian Stories and Studies – Gayle Lange Puhl and Michael Langan

5.  The Stone of Destiny – Richard T Ryan and Nigel Peever

6.  Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Ghost Machine – David MacGregor and Christopher Power

7.  Secrets of Baker Street – Perry Wyatt and Angela Iannone

8.  Sherlock Holmes and the Scarlet Thread of Murder – Luke Kuhns and Joff Manning

9.  Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Pigtail Twist – M J H Simmonds and Joff Manning

10.Sherlock Holmes: The Hero with a Thousand Faces – Volume 2– David MacGregor and J.T. McDaniel

For more audio books click here.


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