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05 Dec

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Book Review – The Curious Book Of Sherlock Holmes Characters

Posted bySteve Emeczon

Sherlock Holmes Society of London

“This comprehensive directory of every character in the Canon sensibly proceeds in a simple alphabetical format (by character rather than story) and, equally sensibly, has a comprehensive index. Characters I didn’t even consider characters are represented, such as Desborough, a horse fromSilver Blaze. If it had a name it’s in the book!

For each character we are given the name, story, sex, and whether they are alive or dead in the Canon. In addition, depending on the importance of the character, are details which can range from physical appearance to occupation and, if relevant, what Holmes deduced about them. Holmes himself has a predictably long entry, whereas, for instance, Captain Ferguson (“The Three Gables”) is concisely described: “A retired sea captain who owned the house before Mrs Maberley…

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