Mystery Bookstores

At MX, we know that our Sherlock Holmes fans love their local independent bookstores. We know this because they tell us on a regular basis. This is why we have a program for mystery bookstores;

– order stock from this site using the promo code ‘trade’ at the shopping basket and get a trade discount on all of our titles. There is a ten book minimum, but that can be a mix of titles

– order books from us up to three months before their general release. As soon as books are available to order from us on trade they will appear here – 2-3 months before they are released to the large mainline bookstores

Here’s a list of some of our favourites:

New York                    – Mysterious Bookshop

Denver                         – Murder By The Book

Denver                         – West Side Books

Illinois                           – Centuries and Sleuths

Florida                          – Copperfish Books

Mechanicsburg             – Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop

Seattle                           – Odyssey Bookshop

Vermont                        – The Book Nook

Maryland                       – Mystery Loves Company


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