An Evening with Sherlock Holmes

The launch event for Volume III of The Redacted Sherlock Holmes is at 6.30 on Thursday 3 November 2016 at The Lecture Club, 9 Ilchester Place, W14 8AA, UK (nearest stations Kensington Olympia and High Street Kensington).

The program of events is as follows:

6.30 to 7.00 – arrival and taking seats

7.00 to 7.15 – Scene 1 from Dr Anstruther’s Practice – the first story in The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Volume III

7.15 to 7.30 – Undershaw – Arthur Conan Doyle’s old house – Steve Emecz, Director of MX Publishing and fundraiser, will give an illustrated talk on the history of, Undershaw near Hindhead, and an update on its re-opening as Stepping Stones School in September

7.30 to 7.45 – Thinking like Sherlock Holmes in Business – The Case of the Mexican Cyclist and The Case of the Boomerang Manager

7.45 to 8.00 – Scene 2 from Dr Anstruther’s Practice.

8.00 to 8.30 – networking and book buying

Tickets cost £12 if bought in advance (please print off and pay on arrival at 9 Ilchester Place). The price includes drinks and nibbles.

Tickets are £15 if bought at the door on the night.

For tickets click here.




What’s Your Favorite Sherlock Holmes Story?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Sherlock Holmes is the “most portrayed literary human character in film & TV.”   He fascinated the world when Conan Doyle’s stories first appeared, and today he’s still calling “the game is afoot” to Dr. Watson as they hail a hansom cab on the foggy streets of London, ready to right a wrong and catch a criminal.

Conan Doyle wrote fifty-six Sherlock Holmes short stories and four novels, and everyone seems to have a favorite tale. Even Conan Doyle himself made a list of his personal twelve favorite short stories:

  1. “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” 1892
  2. “The Red-headed League” 1891
  3. “The Adventure of the Dancing Men” 1903
  4. “The Final Problem” 1893
  5. “A Scandal in Bohemia” 1891
  6. “The Adventure of the Empty House” 1903
  7. “The Five Orange Pips” 1891
  8. “The Adventure of the Second Stain” 1904
  9. “The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot” 1910
  10. “The Adventure of the Priory School” 1904
  11. “The Musgrave Ritual” 1893
  12. “The Reigate Squires” 1893

Read the full article published in The Strand Magazine by Diane Gilbert Madsen here.


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Review of The Hound of The Baskervilles – Excellent and Exciting!

This graphic novel is Petr Kopl at his best! The artwork is exaggerated but not clumsy. There is definitely skill behind each drawing.

The story of the hound runs true to the original, but there is a twist that makes this version unique. There is also cameos by people from other stories, such as Igor the Hunchback as the driver that takes Watson, Sir Henry Baskerville, and Dr. Mortimer to Baskerville Hall. Professor Challenger also makes a brief appearance. Look for a touch, a hint of another character I won’t spoil.

Reviewed by Raven’s Reviews

The Hound of The Baskervilles – A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel is available from all good bookstores including   Amazon USAAmazon UK, Waterstones UK, and for free shipping worldwide Book Depository . In ebook format it is in Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Apple iBooks (iPad/iPhone).

the hound graphic novel


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Sherlock Holmes and A Hole In The Devil’s Tail now out on audio

Sherlock Holmes and A Hole In The Devil’s Tail now out on audio.

Holmes and Watson are handed the challenge of solving the London Tarot Murders, a dark episode which, to quote Dr. Watson’s in his memoirs, “occupies a lofty place in the annals of all black deeds ever committed in the long memory of the ancient, regal city, higher even than the infamous affair with the Ripper.”

Some fiend is brutally murdering random people in Lower Havering and pinning cards from the Italian deck upon their faces. And this string of killings appears to have some relation to the strange, unsolved slaying of the renowned solicitor Richard Corkright in his cozy, secure Merton office. The gauntlet is thrown down, and Holmes, at great risk to both himself and his faithful chronicler, snatches it up. But what price will the two valiant men pay for meddling in the affairs of the sinister Tarot Master?

50 Audio books now on our Pinterest Sherlock Holmes Audio Books Board.



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Peter E. Blau reviews Welcome To Undershaw

Luke Benjamen Kuhns’ WELCOME TO UNDERSHAW (London: MX Publishing, 2016; 107pp., hardbound) is subtitled as “a brief history of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: the man who created Sherlock Holmes” and offers a well-illustrated examination of Conan Doyle’s early life, the history of the house, and an interesting exploration of what happened while he was living there.  It’s nicely done indeed, and will be welcomed by anyone who has visited or plans to visited Undershaw.

Welcome To Undershaw is available for pre order from all good bookstores including  Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Waterstones UK and for free shipping worldwide Book Depository.



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New review of Close To Holmes

As a London tour guide, writing a walk about Sherlock Holmes and trying to track down actual and fictional locations in the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was no easy feat. I needed to get into the head of ACD and look at his view of London in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I didn’t achieve that, however Alistair Duncan’s “Close to Holmes” gave me a good pen-picture of Victorian London that ACD would have known and where he probably placed Sherlock Holmes adventures in London. To channel a well-known United States politician, when tracking down Sherlock Holmes locations there are ‘known knowns’, i.e. actual places like Barts Hospital. There are ‘known unknowns’, fictional locations based on real ones, e.g ‘Where is Saxe-coburg Square?’. Tracking these, and better still, having your theories accepted, is a never-ending game for Sherlockians. In “Close to Holmes” Alistair Duncan informatively entertainingly describes the ‘known knowns’ and elegantly extrapolates without lurching into speculation, the possibilities of the ‘known unknowns’. A companion/gazetteer that should be in easy reach on every Sherlockian’s bookshelf.

Close to Holmes is available from all good bookstores, in many formats worldwide including Amazon USA,  Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK,  Waterstones UK,  Book Depository(free worldwide delivery), Amazon Kindle,  Kobo, Nook  and iBooks for the iPad/iPhone.



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Review of The Mystery of the Scarlet Homes of Sherlock

Several issues ago, I reviewed an impressive book on the history of pediatric surgery by Dr. John Raffensperger, now retired  to Sanibel Island, Florida. Dr. Raffensperger continues to pursue his scholarly love of medical history and “Sherlockiana”.  in that role he bid on and won an old footlocker of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle auctioned at Sotheby’s. Finding the contents disappointing until he discovered three leather bound journals hidden away in a small compartment, he became enthralled. He took the first of the journals, written in 1878 by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle while he was a medical student at the University of Edinburgh, to a fellow medical historian and now co-author, Prof. Richard Krevolin  [who lives in California] for further editing. Together, they have written an engaging novel: The Mystery of the SCARLET Homes of Sherlock: The Lost Diaries of Sir  Arthur Conan Doyle, Volume One.

The story begins with Doyle serving as a medical clerk to the esteemed Scottish surgeon, Dr. Joseph Bell and their travels to the United States to help solve a series of murders in Chicago. Filled with fast moving adventures, medical examinations and theories suggesting bizarre murders, torture, underlying tales of remaining Civil War bitterness, attempted assassinations, and more, this should intrigue other Sherlock Holmes fans as well as mystery readers who appreciate a good book.

295 pages, published in 2016 in the U.S. by MX Publishing and copyrighted by Richard Krevolin and John Raffensperger. Available from Amazon and your neighborhood bookstore.

Reviewed by  Lucy Crain, MD. MPH, FAAP

The Senior Bulletin of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Volume 25, #4, Fall, 2016

The Mystery of The Scarlet Homes Of Sherlock is available from all good bookstores including The Strand Magazine, Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Waterstones UK and for free shipping worldwide Book Depository. In ebook format it is in Kindle.



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