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David Marcum is a very prolific writer of Holmesian pastiche, and needs no further introduction. This is a full-length novel of depth and subtlety. The plot blends together classic detection, Watson’s personal life, some high ideals, and a lot of the usual skulduggery; in other words, there is something for everyone. The narrative moves seamlessly between authentic extracts from the Canon and Mr Marcum’s own inventions and interpretations, and, because it is so delightfully well written, it all makes perfect sense. As well as the sound Canonical links, there are some nice touches of late-Victorian life.As seems to be sadly inevitable in pastiches, there are occasional outbreaks of twenty-first century attitudes and values which do sound odd coming from Watson and his contemporaries, but these lapses…

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“Shadowwraith” is the last of the Sun and Shadow books by Tracy Revels.

A ‘ghost’ leaving gifts for a distraught young woman starts off a terrifying case that rockets from Whitechapel to the famous crypts in Palermo, Sicily and sees Sherlock Holmes’s immortal soul in peril.

“Shadowwraith” is every bit as exciting and thrilling as the two previous books.

Even with the supernatural nature of the book, Holmes and Watson are very traditionally drawn and the friendship is strong. The supporting characters are well-drawn and interesting. Dr. Revels’s depiction of Mrs. Hudson is a delight.

As with the other books, historical figures abound. I can’t say whom without given too much away, but Dr. Revels’s gives life to characters long dead – in more ways than one!

I highly recommend this book.

You can buy the book (and the previous two) directly from MX Publishing


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The MX Short Story Collections

Geri Schear

The following is a review of the MX short story collections edited by David Marcum. This review was written by Lenny Picker in Publishers’ Weekly:

Faithful Sidekicks: Mysteries & Thrillers 2020–2021

By Lenny Picker | Nov 13, 2020

The New Sherlock Holmes Stories volumes consistently garner starred reviews fromPW; the stories ina 2018 installment, for instance, “manage to remain faithful to Conan Doyle and to display the creative plotting gifts of their authors.” As of November, the number of short stories in the series totals more than 500, dwarfing the 56 that Conan Doyle wrote.

That impressive figure and sustained level of quality is a credit to the series’ editor, David Marcum. In 2015, Marcum, who had published Holmes pastiches with MX before, approached Emecz about editing an anthology of a dozen or so stories. “My requirements were that these new adventures had to be absolutely…

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Top 8 Sherlock Holmes Audiobooks so far in January

1.  The Scrapbook of Sherlock Holmes – Archie Rushden and Time Winters

2.  A Biased Judgement – Geri Schear and Dominic Lopez

3.   A Continuum of Sherlock Holmes Stories – Jay Ganguly and Kevin E Green

4.  A Farewell to Baker Street – Mark Mower and Alan Weyman

5.  Charlie Milverton: A Modern Sherlock Holmes Story – Charlotte Anne Walters and Steve White

6.  Sherlock Holmes and the Hunt for Jack the Ripper – Gerard Kelly and Kevin Theis

7.  The Further Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes – Volume 1 – Denis O. Smith and Kevin E Green

8.  A Most Diabolical Plot – Tim Symonds and Time Winters

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The Keys of Death -Another Virtuoso Performance by Gretchen Altabef

The Keys of Death -Another Virtuoso Performance by Gretchen Altabef

Features of Interest

A review by Harry DeMaio

The Sherlockian world iscurrentlyawash with pastiches, analyses, essays, histories, psychological studies and assorted other literary efforts. I have made a few contributions to this torrent myself. Periodically, avolumeemerges that is truly different in designand execution. Gretchen Altabef’sThe Keys of Deathis such a book.She has skillfully combined an excellent mystery narrative with awell-series of character studiesof a youthful Holmes, Watson and (surprise) Mrs. Hudson along with reflections on the Anglo-Jewish community in London at the turn of the 1900’s.Gretchen is known for her feisty heroines and her Marti Hudson, Amelia Dreyfus and Lily Langtry are no exceptions.For good measure she has included advice and council on the planning, construction and harvesting of vegetable and flower gardens. Truly a wide ranging mixture that will hold your interest.

There is skillful authorship, technique,imagination andresearchat work here. The result is aworthyread. Brava, Gretchen, Brava!

Harry DeMaio is…

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Top seven Sherlock Holmes Audio books in December so far

1.  Sherlock in Love: The Holmes-Adler Mysteries – David MacGregor and Christopher Power

2.  Eliminate the Impossible – Alistair Duncan and Nigel Peever

3.  Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dying Emperor – Thomas A. Turley and Keith Spilsbury

4.   The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Luke Kuhns and Joff Manning

5.   A Continuum of Sherlock Holmes Stories – Jay Ganguly and Kevin E Green

6.  Sherlock’s Home – The Empty House – Steve Emecz and Joff Manning

7.  The Further Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes, Volume 2 – Denis O. Smith and Kevin E. Green

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A Most Diabolical Plot


A Most Diabolical Plot: Six Compelling Sherlock Holmes Stories by [Symonds, Tim]

A Most Diabolical Plot, by Tim Symonds & Lesley Abdela, is a modern addition to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s infamous Sherlock Holmes series which feels as authentic as the original. The authors of this intriguing collection do very well in telling new stories while remaining true to Conan Doyle’s style and approach – not an easy thing to do. A Most Diabolical Plot is a collection of six stories featuring both new and classic themes, as well as characters that fans of the genre are sure to fall in love with. Each of the stories is unique and each story feels fresh as the reader progresses through the adventures.

If we were able to take Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and place him in this century and then tell him to write as though he were living in an earlier era, he very well might come up with lines such…

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MX Publishing

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Book Review – The Curious Book Of Sherlock Holmes Characters

Posted bySteve Emeczon

Sherlock Holmes Society of London

“This comprehensive directory of every character in the Canon sensibly proceeds in a simple alphabetical format (by character rather than story) and, equally sensibly, has a comprehensive index. Characters I didn’t even consider characters are represented, such as Desborough, a horse fromSilver Blaze. If it had a name it’s in the book!

For each character we are given the name, story, sex, and whether they are alive or dead in the Canon. In addition, depending on the importance of the character, are details which can range from physical appearance to occupation and, if relevant, what Holmes deduced about them. Holmes himself has a predictably long entry, whereas, for instance, Captain Ferguson (“The Three Gables”) is concisely described: “A retired sea captain who owned the house before Mrs Maberley…

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Top ten Sherlock Holmes Audio books in November

1.   The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes–Luke Kuhns and Joff Manning

2.   A Continuum of Sherlock Holmes Stories – Jay Ganguly and Kevin E Green

3.   The Further Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes – Volume 1–Denis O. Smith and Kevin E Green

4.  Sherlockian Stories and Studies – Gayle Lange Puhl and Michael Langan

5.  The Stone of Destiny – Richard T Ryan and Nigel Peever

6.  Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Ghost Machine – David MacGregor and Christopher Power

7.  Secrets of Baker Street – Perry Wyatt and Angela Iannone

8.  Sherlock Holmes and the Scarlet Thread of Murder – Luke Kuhns and Joff Manning

9.  Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Pigtail Twist – M J H Simmonds and Joff Manning

10.Sherlock Holmes: The Hero with a Thousand Faces – Volume 2– David MacGregor and J.T. McDaniel

For more audio books click here.


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PODCAST – Sherlock Holmes Author Panel – October 2021

Features of Interest

“Every single one of my books involve the women of the times. The history of the times that Arthur Conan Doyle didn’t see!” – Gretchen Altabef

This event was so much fun! To have a chance to appear with these wonderful authors, some of my fellow MX Publishing author friends. To listen to their experience and share mine on subjects so close to our hearts: Sherlock Holmes and publishing Sherlock Holmes books. We each have our own experience with this and our lives have been changed by our involvement.

I see my books as murder mysteries but I also see them as historical novels. The detectives in my novels happen to be Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. I write from a women’s perspective and that changes everything, and updates it. This approach turns everything around, opens up new vistas for my stories, and brings a unique take on Holmes and…

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