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The Lost Stories of Sherlock Holmes

In addition to nine extremely traditional and accurate Holmes stories, The Lost Stories of Sherlock Holmes contains stunning illustrations from Chris Coady. Many critics have commented that they are the closest they have seen to the original images from the Strand by Sidney Paget.

The special edition hardback collectors edition has been specially formatted into two columns like the original stories.

The special edition Lost Stories of Sherlock Holmes hardback version, 2 column ’Strand’ format is available from all good bookstores including Amazon USA, Barnes and Noble USA, Amazon UK, Waterstones UK, and for free shipping worldwide Book Depository.

The standard version of the book available from all good bookstores worldwide, including Amazon USA,Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK  , Waterstones. For elsewhere Book Depository who offer free delivery worldwide. In ebook format there is Amazon KindleNookKobo Books and iBooks (iPad/iPhone), and it is available in Audible Audio Edition.

image from lost stories of SH


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John Sutton not resting on his writing laurels with new book Upon A Nation’s Honour

john sutton

John Sutton not resting on his writing laurels with new book Upon A Nation’s Honour – Article in The Gazette & Essex County Standard

EVEN from an early age writer John Sutton was dealing with local crime stories.

Back then it was as a clerk in his father’s solicitors but more recently he’s been dealing with crime of a very different sort, introducing the world’s most famous detective to our area.

And not content with penning just one book on Sherlock Holmes, John is bringing out two, within a matter of months of each other.

In his first book, In Unhallowed Rest, Watson meets a man in Waterloo station that leads himself, Holmes and Inspector Lestrade to the Essex/Suffolk borders where a series of murders point to a possible satanic cult of Vampirism.

Set in Dedham, that book came out in November, but hot on its heels is another Sutton Sherlock adventure entitled Upon A Nation’s Honour.

In that book, due out on February 15, Holmes is this time employed by the government of 1916 to find the agents of a foreign power who have stolen secret radio detection equipment from the newly built Dreadnaught battleship.

He says: “Rather than being a homage to Conan Doyle, I’ve tried to just write a story that happens to have Sherlock Holmes as a character in it.

“I’m fascinated by the era the Holmes books are set in and I’ve been pretty meticulous in my research on that period in history. That’s one of the best bits about writing these fictional stories is finding out the factual bits they’re based on.”

Read more here.

By  Neil D’Arcy-JonesThe Gazette & Essex County Standard, 4th February, 2018

Upon a Nation’s Honour: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure is available for pre order from all good bookstores including The Strand Magazine, Amazon USA, Barnes and Noble USAAmazon UK and for free shipping worldwide Book Depository. In ebook format it is in Kindle.



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The bestselling Sherlock Holmes audio books in January

#1 Scarlet Thread of Murder – Luke Kuhns & Joff Manning – Sherlock Holmes short stories

#2 A Guide to Deduction – Hannah Rogers and Steve White – The ultimate handbook for any aspiring Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Watson

#3 Sherlock Holmes and the Hunt for Jack the Ripper – Gerard Kelly and  Kevin Theis

With 4 books drawing for 4th place

#4 In Unhallowed Rest: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure – John Sutton and  Steve White

#4 Return To Reichenbach – Geri Schear and Dominic Lopez

#4 Sherlock Holmes and the Folk Tale Mysteries Volume 1 – Gayle Lange Puhl  and  James Young

#4 The Vatican Cameos: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure – Richard T Ryan and  Nigel Peever

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The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories – Volumes 9 & 10

Geri Schear

You know, if there’s one thing better than being asked to write a Sherlock Holmes story for a new collection, it’s seeing that story nestled amid an array of tales by some of the best in world.

The latest in the MX New Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories Vol. 9 and 10, the 2018 Annual contains over 100 of the world’s leading Sherlock Holmes authors participating and I am truly honoured to be in the mix.

The anthology includes only traditional stories set in the original Sherlock Holmes period. That is, you’ll find no Holmes-the-secret-serial-killer here. Holmes won’t be the captain of a Starship with his trusty ‘Bones’, uh, Watson, at his side. Holmes and Watson remain Victorian gentlemen and live in 221B Baker Street and all’s right with the world. These stories were written by authors who have sold millions of books, and they come together for a common cause…

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The Sherlock Holmes Society of London reviews Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Case-Files

Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Case-Files by Mark Mower. MX Publishing, 2017. 182pp. (pbk) 

Mower’s name should be familiar as a regular contributor to the MX Anthologies of New Sherlock Holmes stories. This handsome book of seven adventures gathers together five of his tales from those volumes with two new stories. Beginning with a case from the pre-Watson years, these stories span Holmes’s career, ending with a mystery that takes place in the wake of the First World War. Mower has an engaging, readable style, carrying the reader along with convincing dialogue whilst combining a good eye for period detail with well-paced plotting. My favourite story has to be “The Manila Envelope”, which showcases Holmes’s methods in a virtuoso display of observation and deduction. Overall, an impressive collection.

Sherlock Holmes: The Baker Street Case Files is available from all good bookstores including The Strand Magazine, Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Waterstones UK and for free shipping worldwide Book Depository. Available on Kindle and Audio.



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Kirkus review of The Complete Diaries of Young Arthur Conan Doyle

Ever wonder where Arthur Conan Doyle got his Sherlock Holmes ideas? From his thrill-packed diaries, according to these takeoffs on the iconic detective series…

The team of medical historian Raffensperger and writing professor Krevolin (The Mystery of the Scarlet Homes of Sherlock, 2016) tweaks the Holmes tales to focus on forensics, with intriguing demonstrations of period surgical breakthroughs along with much procedural. (“Bell cut around the tumor until the gyri and sulci of the temporal lobe of the brain came into view.”) They adroitly pilfer tropes from their classic sources, reveling in Victorian trash talk—“You dare to lay hands on a nobleman!”—and contrivances: mystery men are reliably killed before they can spill their information, and in one bad spot the heroes rely on crazed monkeys for rescue. The authors rack up the body count with awesome efficiency, but some of the mayhem, like an organ extraction from a conscious, paralyzed patient, conveys a chilling horror. Fans should find Bell a worthy epitome of Holmes, his deductions a higher form of know-it-all-ism—“Graceland Cemetery is well known for its fine stand of Hazelnut trees and there is a Hazelnut leaf stuck to the underside of your muddy left shoe”—and his right to rule serenely unchallengeable. Conan Doyle, a sad sack who misses the clues and loses the girls, bears Bell’s insults—“Laddie, sometimes I wonder if you have the cerebral facility for a future in the medical arts”—with quiet indignity but makes for an engaging observer of the hoopla. While it’s all a bit formulaic, the authors stage the proceedings with aplomb, regaling readers with energetic storytelling and colorful characters.

An entertaining, rollicking addition to the Holmes-verse, combining real-world lore with over-the-top melodrama.

Read the full review here.

The Complete Diaries of Young Arthur Conan Doyle is available from all good bookstores including The Strand Magazine, Amazon USA, Barnes and Noble USA, Amazon UKWaterstones UK and for free shipping worldwide Book Depository.



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The Sherlock Holmes Society of London reviews Queen City Corpse

Queen City Corpse by Dan Andriacco. MX Publishing, 2017. 240pp. (pbk) When QueenCon, a mystery convention named after the great Ellery Queen, comes to Cincinnati (Longfellow’s “Queen City of the West”) Sebastian McCabe BSI, Jeff Cody, and Jeff’s wife Lynda make the short journey from Erin, Ohio. Sebastian is a successful crime writer, magician and amateur sleuth, and Jeff still has hopes of publishing his own detective novels. Lynda wants to meet her favourite author, Rex Carter, before he succumbs to terminal cancer. On the first night Jeff overhears some ominous whispered words: “Where do we hide the body?” though no one’s there to say them. Inevitably (this is a McCabe and Cody story) murder ensues — but why would anyone kill a man who’ll soon be dead anyway? This is the seventh novel in a deliciously literate, witty series, with ingenious plots and engaging characters. Highly recommended!

Queen City Corpse (McCabe and Cody Book 7) is available from all good bookstores including The Strand Magazine, Amazon USA, Amazon UK and for free shipping worldwide Book Depository. In ebook format it is in Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Apple iBooks (iPad/iPhone).



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