Getting to Know Marcia Wilson

06 May

Geri Schear

You Buy Bones: Sherlock Holmes and his London Through the Eyes of Scotland YardTell us about yourself and the types of books you write.

I wrote Rumble in the Tunnel through an indie press and I have gained nothing from it, not one penny, but I got worlds in experience.  It was a collection of short stories, some poetry, an historical fantasy, and several interconnected tales of the genre “Appalachian or Southern Gothic”. I’ve written several in-depth essays and articles about karstic (cave) watersheds. To prove I wasn’t crazy enough, I cranked out a voluntary thesis on saltpetre mining and an analysis of the first discovered three-toed sloth titled What is this Thing, Thomas Jefferson?  That one I’m still the most proud of because it was a massive detective hunt and it turned into a nesting box full of twists and turns. This year I did flash fictions for e-presses and I’m loving the challenges.

You Buy Bones is the first, opening…

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