Getting to Know David Marcum

04 May

Geri Schear

Author Picture Author David Marcum

I have a confession to make. I adore David Marcum. I love his style of writing and the gentle respect he shows for his fellow writers. His stories are among my favourites, not only of Sherlock Holmes tales, but of short fiction of any sort. (As an editor, he’d probably scold me for having three ‘ofs’ in that sentence, but he’d be very kind about it.) I hope when he makes his next pilgrimage to the UK he’ll stop off in Ireland. I’ll have the kettle on.

Hi, David. Tell us about yourself and the types of books you write.

First of all, thank for providing this opportunity!

I live in eastern Tennessee with my wife and son. After my first college degree (at normal college age), I became a Federal Investigator with an obscure U.S. Government agency. When that agency was shut down and eliminated, I…

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