NLP For Teens – Specific Neurolinguistic Techniques for Teenagers

22 Feb

The Engaging NLP series of small and easy to use books from Judy Bartkowiak have proved very popular – especially NLP for Parents which covers all the challenges facing parents today. Following on from NLP for Children, and NLP 11+ this particular book NLP for Teens covers the main issues that teenagers wrestle with in the age range 13-19.

In the style of the other books there are basics elements and quick to complete exercises that, more than anything, get the reader thinking. The books covers both verbal and non-verbal communication, handling exam stress, relationships and sex and getting a job.

The book is available from all good bookstores and formats including Amazon USA inc Kindle and, Amazon UK inc Kindle, Book Depository (free worldwide delivery) and iBooks for the iPad.

NLP For Teens

NLP For Teens


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