Is now the right time to invest in the Brazilian property market?

28 Feb

The growing Brazilian real estate market is backed up by robust economic conditions and historically unparalleled political stability. Brazil is determined to become a leading economic power in the world within the coming years and it certainly has the resources and willpower to do so.  This week there is a free London seminar on discovering how to invest profitably and securely in Brazil.

Brazil is a land of superlatives and intriguing contrasts: the fifth largest country in the world; the eighth biggest economy; where enormous metropolises, infrastructures and space age industries lie side by side with vast unexplored expanses of jungle terrain, sheltering as yet uncontacted indigenous tribes; not to forget that it is arguably the most successful footballing nation ever to have graced the world stage.

On a par with its outstanding natural beauty, the Brazilian people are extremely welcoming towards visitors, and share a never-ending zest for life that can be hard to match anywhere else.

Its economy is projected to become the world’s fifth largest within the next half century -the housing market is forecast to perform rather well in the coming years.

In effect, Brazil has now become one of the most desirable locations for persons looking to acquire a second home, whether for holiday or retirement purposes, and also for those simply looking to invest in real estate, for the reasons outlined above and in view of the low value of the Brazilian currency and very inexpensive real estate market. Property prices are indeed quite low in comparison to European countries, generally representing excellent value for money.

Real estate investments are widely recognised as one of the safest and surest methods for motivated individuals to achieve financial independence in the long term. Emerging economies such as Brazil can offer very attractive deals for investors where dream apartments can be owned for just a fraction of the price of an equivalent unit in more mature real estate markets. The Brazilian construction industry is just starting to take off in a huge way and new developments are extremely spacious and finished to a very high standard. Elsewhere, similar luxuries may often be found to be prohibitively expensive.

Add to this the lure of a tropical destination, the intoxicating scenery, benign climate, and the reality of owning a small piece of paradise. The temptation to rush into a deal quickly, without having really carried out all the right groundwork, may in the end prove overwhelming. Such an approach may sometimes work out okay under fortunate circumstances. However, the legal issues involved in property transactions in Brazil are often extremely complex to say the least However, the phenomenal amount of time, money and effort that can be saved by hiring the services of a reputable and knowledgeable legal team to negotiate matters favourably on behalf of the client will undoubtedly be an extremely wise investment decision.

Another great resource is the Brazilian Property Guide, endorsed by the World Trade Organisation.

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