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FHM Reviews – Sex, Dating and Really Confusing Girls by Sue Ostler

“The kind of inside information that guys have been crying out for”

Sue Ostler is best known for her media persona, the Flirt Diva, writing for a host of publications including Metro. She was dubbed the Queen of Love by New Woman and Cosmopolitan described the techniques in her book ‘Flirt Diva’ “pro-level flirting lessons”.

What you may not know is that Sue has been running classes for guys for several years, and she feeds back that they are often much more eager to learn than their female counterparts.

So this year, Sue has written the male equivalent of Flirt Diva – Sex, Dating and Really Confusing Girls. FHM loved it and said that it was the inside information that all men need to be armed with when tackling the world of flirting and dating.

Whilst Sue’s style is undeniably fun, this is a serious book with structured and successful techniques for being more successful and finding the right person for you. This is no ‘Bro’s Playbook’ or ‘A**hole’s Guide to Handling Chicks’ but a genuinely useful book for those that need a hand in the dating department.

Sue runs flirting classes in her native London and the book is full or practical, tried and tested techniques that aren’t designed to ‘trick and deceive’ women by presenting yourself as something you are not, but enabling you to shine in your own right.

Sex Dating and Really Confusing Girls is available from all good bookstores including Amazon USA, Barnes and Noble USA, Amazon UK, The Book Depository and soon in all electronic formats. You can check out all Sue’s books and live classes at her Flirt Dive Website.

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In BBC interview, Leading Relationship Expert Claims Long Distance Relationships Can Be Healthy

One of the consequences of the global economic issues is that many couples find themselves in the difficult position of having to work away from each other. When it is a choice between paying the bills and living apart because you can get a short or medium term contract, there is often little debate.

Relationship expert Sue Ostler (see her new book Flirt Diva) took part in this weeks BBC documentary on long distance relationships, and was asked to comment on two areas. Firstly around the subject of flirting whilst your partner is away. As long as it is harmless flirting, it is a far cry from cheating. Sue argues that when it comes to cheating the distance has nothing to do with it. People in long distance relationships are more likely to flirt Sue says.

The second question posed to Sue is whether a period of time at distance is good or bad for a relationship;

“I’m a big fan of the long distance. If you can get through that you can get through anything. It provides a history that you can look back on, and you can look at each other and say ‘You know what, we survived that. Yes, I’d go the long distance relationship, I’d give it the 10 out of 10”.

To listen to the documentary visit the BBC website – 1Xtra – Long Distance Relationships

Flirt Diva by Sue Ostler

Flirt Diva by Sue Ostler

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How to flirt: lessons for women with The Guardian

Flirt Diva Sue Ostler is joined by Guardian journalist Helen Croydon out and about in London’s Covent Garden on a Friday night to try out Sue’s flirting techniques. Drawing from her new book ‘Flirt Diva‘ Sue takes Helen through her paces as a flirt class first-timer and takes on the ‘less sophisticated one-liner lads’.

“Ostler claims that learning to flirt should have a far higher-reaching aim than getting someone’s phone number. “It is about lighting the spark to your personality and letting people see it shine through. Flirting opens yourself up to new people and opportunities. What I teach helps ladies socially and in work situations.”

It seems then that flirting is more about learning to be liked, not learning to be fancied. From what I saw, the pick-up theory for the boys is far less advanced.

It’s worth reading through some of the comments on the article – we especially like the poor guy that tried to re-enact a scene from The Game. Full article here:

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How to snare your perfect partner on the first date

The dating game is tricky, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, loads of new couples will be embarking on that all important first date.  Sue Ostler was interviewed this week on Scottish TV’s The Hour.

But what things should you do on the night – and what shouldn’t you do – to make sure you secure a follow-up date?

Sue Ostler from the Flirt Diva Academy has some advice for those taking the leap with a new partner. According to her, one of the biggest mistakes girls can make is wearing a revealing outfit. She explained: “Girls often make the mistake of flashing the flesh and it does create the wrong impression.

“It’s intimidating for men actually when women overdo it, or when they’re showing too much, or when they’re really over the top. Sue added: “I think it’s rather nice for the first date if you leave a little for the imagination and wear something quite demure, something quite understated. Think of it almost as you would a job interview, but a little more relaxed.”

Drinking too much on a first date is a recipe for disaster too, that can be both embarrassing and dangerous. Alternating alcoholic drinks with water helps you to keep in control of the situation, and can drive a conversation without turning into a giggling, silly mess.

Anyone who has ever been stuck on a bad date will know that being with someone who is full of their own self-importance is one of the biggest turn-offs, so make sure not to talk too much about yourself. Offering up little bits of information about yourself, and asking tag questions, that will get your date to tell you more about them, is the best way to go, Sue advises.

Body language is a big indication of whether things are going well, so guys should look out for signs that his date is into him. These include the girl playing with her hair and the stem of her wine glass, and laughing at all his jokes. Unfortunately, however, men more often than not don’t pick up on subtle signs like this!

Sue also thinks it’s wise to plan ahead when going on a date. Of course, everyone knows about the rescue phonecall, but Sue thinks the rescue text is a little more subtle, and ensures if you are having a bad time, or feel at all in danger, that you have a plan of escape.

Finally, you should avoid ordering any food that is messy to eat, such as pesto, Spaghetti Bolognese or anything that has to be picked up, because this is not a good look when trying to impress a would-be partner!

And Sue believes that guys should act like gents and treat their date with respect, by paying for dinner on the first date. She said: “Look, we’re modern women, and yes it’s the 21st century, we don’t need a man to pay for us, we don’t expect a man to pay for us – but you know what, we like a man to pay for us.”

Sue has written a book called Flirt Diva – For Women Who Want to be Bold and Sassy and have a Fabulous Life!

Flirt Diva Sue Ostler

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Flirt Diva Comments on UK Sex Survey

We have a host of intersting authors with MX and the one with the most press coverage has to be Sue Ostler. Dubbed “Flirt Diva” by the press, Sue is the UK’s leading authority on flirting and is the relationship expert at the Metro.

When the latest UK survey on British attitudes to sex was published in January it was no surprise that they asked Sue to comment.

“In these recessionary times, people turn to entertainment and, in today’s society, that takes the form of sex. People want sex and they want it now – but they are time-poor. There’s not as much time to invest in meaningful relationships, so people are spending money on entertaining themselves through sex”.

Commenting on the traditional view of the British being very prudish about sex Sue added that people are more open about the issue now, with less stigma and shame these days.

The Metro feature also mentioned Sue’s Flirt Diva Academy which has helped thousands of women to gain the confidence to find a meaningful relationship by passing on the skills Sue has perfected working with some of the world’s most interesting divas including Kylie, Madonna and Pamela Anderson.

The survey confirms that while men are increasing looking for a sex as entertainment, the vast majority of women are still looking for that meaningful route.

Some of the key results from the survey:
–    51% of people are in favour of legalising prostitution
(56% men, 46% of women)
–    One third of men and 10% of women have bought pornography
–    10% of men have paid for sex compared to 1% of women

Flirt Diva by Sue Ostler

Flirt Diva by Sue Ostler

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