FHM Reviews – Sex, Dating and Really Confusing Girls by Sue Ostler

20 Nov

“The kind of inside information that guys have been crying out for”

Sue Ostler is best known for her media persona, the Flirt Diva, writing for a host of publications including Metro. She was dubbed the Queen of Love by New Woman and Cosmopolitan described the techniques in her book ‘Flirt Diva’ “pro-level flirting lessons”.

What you may not know is that Sue has been running classes for guys for several years, and she feeds back that they are often much more eager to learn than their female counterparts.

So this year, Sue has written the male equivalent of Flirt Diva – Sex, Dating and Really Confusing Girls. FHM loved it and said that it was the inside information that all men need to be armed with when tackling the world of flirting and dating.

Whilst Sue’s style is undeniably fun, this is a serious book with structured and successful techniques for being more successful and finding the right person for you. This is no ‘Bro’s Playbook’ or ‘A**hole’s Guide to Handling Chicks’ but a genuinely useful book for those that need a hand in the dating department.

Sue runs flirting classes in her native London and the book is full or practical, tried and tested techniques that aren’t designed to ‘trick and deceive’ women by presenting yourself as something you are not, but enabling you to shine in your own right.

Sex Dating and Really Confusing Girls is available from all good bookstores including Amazon USA, Barnes and Noble USA, Amazon UK, The Book Depository and soon in all electronic formats. You can check out all Sue’s books and live classes at her Flirt Dive Website.

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