The Collected Papers of Sherlock Holmes

08 Sep

Geri Schear

I swear David Marcum has a 28-hour day. Otherwise I can’t imagine how he accomplishes everything he does. Apart from being editor par excellence of the MX Sherlock Holmes anthologies, he’s one of the very best Sherlock Holmes writers out there.

Now comes David’s first collection of his short stories. Because the man is so prolific, I say first. Did I mention that this is a five volume collection bringing together 77 Sherlock Holmes adventures? Like I said, prolific. The collection contains most of what has been written (so far) by David Marcum. It should be no surprised to learn he has written more Holmes stories than anyone else. And if that weren’t enough, he has also edited an astonishing 825 stories by other writers. Again, so far…

If I sound like a fan-girl, it’s because I am. Well, the fan-part anyway. Not so much with the girl anymore. And…

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