Sherlock Artist – David Teal

24 Jan

teal 1

Every day this month we’ll be showcasing one of the artists and authors in the new ‘Art of Sherlock Holmes’ project – today it’s artist David Teal.

David Teal is a figurative artist whose work emphasizes color, shape, and the use of space to suggest images and ideas. David is a painter who also works in mixed media and three-dimensional forms. He draws inspiration for his paintings from old family photos and reinterprets those images to reflect on today’s world. Street scenes and news footage prompt mixed media and sculptural projects.

teal 2

David Teal’s artistic influences range from contemporary realists Hockney, Katz, and Fischl to the exuberant colors, patterns, and lines of Matisse. Teal’s work has been chosen for exhibitions in the Northeast and in South Florida by curators from prestigious museums and galleries including the Guggenheim, the Whitney, the Museum of Modern Art, Steven Harvey Fine Arts Projects, and the Frederic Snitzer Gallery.

teal 3

During his tenure at the Yale School of Art, Robert Storr chose three of David’s paintings for an exhibit. Dean Storr awarded these works honorable mention. Other influential jurors including Carter Foster, Marshall Price, Paulina Pobocha, Lauren Hinkson, and Rujeko Hockley have selected David Teal’s paintings for various shows. David Teal resides in South Florida, between the beach and the swamp.

For The Art of Sherlock Holmes David used a similar style to these examples to interpret his Holmes story – here is a glimpse;

west palm beach kickstarter - david teal profile

David is one of the fifteen artists who have created new pieces for The Art of Sherlock Holmes West Palm Beach Edition which is published in May and available now on Kickstarter – The Art of Sherlock Holmes.

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