Sherlock Artist – Bobby Franano

23 Jan

franano 2

Every day this month we’ll be showcasing one of the artists and authors in the new ‘Art of Sherlock Holmes’ project – today it’s artist Bobby Franano.

Bobby Franano has been featured in international exhibitions and is in numerous private collections. In recent years, Bobby has become known for painting large, colorful canvases in a style he calls “Pop Surrealism.”

franano 3

He displayed talent in the visual arts, as well as, music even in his early years.  As a musician, Bobby has recorded on many albums. He also has been in 3 videos on MTV with “The Front” & “Bakers Pink” and designed 2 album covers.

Bobby has also made many contributions through his art to various charities, even designing the logo for one international organisation. He has delivered a brilliant piece of art in the pop surrealism style for The Art of Sherlock Holmes – here’s a glimpse:

west palm beach kickstarter - bobby franano profile

Bobby is one of the fifteen artists who have created new pieces for The Art of Sherlock Holmes West Palm Beach Edition which is published in May and available now on Kickstarter – The Art of Sherlock Holmes.

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