The Bookbag Reviews Book of Advanced Driving Skills For Young Drivers Using NLP

07 Aug

You have probably heard it said that there are several skills that are important especially for young drivers that they don’t learn as part of passing the physical and theory driving tests. The Bookbag reviews a new NLP based book that addresses these key mental skills that scores an excellent 4/5 stars from them:

“It’s always struck me that the most difficult time for young drivers is that period just after they pass their driving test. Someone has told you that you’re an OK driver, right? But you’re out there, all on your own, without anyone to explain those odd things which you still haven’t come across or to be the extra pair of eyes. You’ve got a sense of freedom, but somehow it’s a little bit daunting. Judy Bartkowiak offers something a little bit different. It’s not another book about road signs, driving etiquette and stopping distances – it’s some ideas for getting into the right mindset to absorb the new experiences and learning some skills which might help you in other areas of your life too.

The book is based in the principles of NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) – but don’t let the words put you off, not least because this isn’t a programme which is going to be pushed at you but rather the thinking which is beneath the words in the book. I found the principles of NLP most useful where they helped me to understand how I learn and even for someone many multiples of the target age group this is a skill which I can apply in other areas of my life. So – think of this book as something which will prompt you as to the ways in which you can become a better driver, but might also have applications in other areas such as exams or sport…..”

To read the full article visit The Bookbag website. The book is available from all good bookstores and formats including Amazon UK, and Amazon Kindle,.




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