The Bookbag Reviews Rendezvous At The Populaire A Novel of Sherlock Holmes

06 Aug

Rendezvous at the PopulaireAs a publisher, when you get the email from The Bookbag saying that the latest review of one of your books is ready, there is a mix of excitement and trepidation.

Excitement as are one of the biggest and most respected review sites in the UK, trepidation as they are tough and it’s always a defining moment clicking that link.

The good news for Rendezvous At The Populaire is that the book gets an overall thumbs up which is great news for a pastiche as they are difficult to deliver in a way that appeals to everyone.

“All in all, though, this is an interesting take on this pair of iconic characters which will appeal to the vast majority of fans of either of them. Above average Sherlock Holmes novel which has enough to be a definite recommendation to fans of the great detective or the Phantom of the Opera.”

To read the full review – visit The Bookbag site.


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