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Stag Nights, Stag Weekends and Batchelor Parties

We are compiling the 3rd edition of Stag Night – The Best Man’s Guide and with the rise of Facebook we have added a fan page to get feedback and stories from stags and those involved in the industry. Get involved and you may feature in the book (paperback, eBook, Kindle, iPhone and iPad versions of course).

Facebook Page for 2011 Stag Night

We can very safely call the stag night/batchelor party business an industry. In the last edition in 2007 we had already seen the business in the UK alone grow to over £100 million – estimates now put that figure close to £1/2 Billion. The choice is now incredible, and in the same way that the recession has caused a resurgence in the ‘staycation’ the increase in prices of the ‘low cost airlines’ has increased the number of stag weekends that are staying inside the UK.

Back in 2007 £20 flights to exotic destinations such as Talin, Prague and the Costas were commonplace, but now even with quite a bit of hunting around you are looking at £80+ per flight. Add that to the general recession and we are seeing more ‘local’ weekends being organised – when we say local, it is still travelling inside the UK, but to a destination that enables car and train travel.

Stag Night - The Best Man's Guide

Stag Night - The Best Man's Guide

So what else has changed in the last 3 years – other than the rise of the UK stag weekend, remarkably not so much but here are a few of the headliners:

  • Stag groups are more organised [email, Facebook, instant messaging all helping]
  • More themed stags
  • More restricted destinations – many destinations have clamped down on both stags and hens and its worth checking beforehand
  • Better organised stag companies – you just need to see the sophistication of some of the websites of the companies involved – three years ago they were largely a mess

The basics remain the same. Plan properly, take consideration to the financial status of the stag’s friends when setting a budget, find out what the stag will enjoy, and most of all have fun.

The book has lot of great stories, tips, hints and country and location guides – and this edition a big expansion in the website links.

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