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Necrotizing Fasciitis (necrotising) sufferer pens amazing book to inspire others facing critical trauma

Wendy Harrington is an author, mentor, speaker and mother of 3. Since a near death experience, she has been exploring mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects to create a more peaceful, fulfilling and easy life.

Wendy has worked with experts around the globe on spiritual awakening, mindset, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation, Photo-reading, Constellation work, Shiatsu and Psychology. In the process she found levels of peace and contentment that she had never experienced before and now works with others to help them breakthrough their limitations and experience increased peace, joy and harmony in their lives.

Wendy’s warm, open, honest and down to earth approach has helped her connect with thousands of people wanting to break through hidden obstacles and experience greater joy, success and harmony in life.

Process and Prosper’ is a book based on her personal experience of battling to recover from necrotizing fasciitis following the birth of her third child.

It’s a story of courage, of struggle against her own fears and limitations, and the discovery of the emotional freedom available when we connect with our physical intelligence (the wisdom held in our physical bodies).

There is an international foundation called the NNFF that has more information on the disease.


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