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The Deerstalkers of Welshpool review ‘A Study In Crimson’ – the further adventures of Mrs.Watson (Sherlock Holmes)

A Study In Crimson

A Study In Crimson

A Study in Crimson is the second adventure of Mrs. Watson and Emily Fanshaw. Already dubbed ‘The Female Sherlock Holmes’ Molly Carr’s character is proving very popular with Holmes fans. Here is the review from the leading Sherlockian Group in Wales – The Deerstalkers of Welshpool.

“Molly Carr has produced another book about her two female detectives, mutated from minor characters in the Holmes stories. I think it helps if you have read the first book [The Sign of Fear], as that explains the strange hypothesis that Watson was a fake.

The book is more a series of short adventures than a novel. These show imagination, and a wicked sense of humour. Most of the results of the investigations are accidental, rather than being due to the skill of the offbeat female detectives.

The locations range from New York to Baden Baden and Geneva, in addition to London and Scotland, and are nicely drawn. As before, Molly uses characters from the Sherlock Holmes – and other – detective stories to people the adventures.”

A Study In Crimson is available from all good bookstores worldwide including Amazon USA, Amazon UK, and in a variety of formats including Kindle, Kobo and iBooks for the iPad.


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Lady Mystery Writer Brings a Female Sherlock Holmes To Life

Hats off to Molly Carr whose debut novel ‘The Sign Of Fear‘ is a wonderful book that charts the adventures of Mrs.Watson, the wife of Dr.Watson and her sidekick Emily Fanshaw. With a supporting cast of Sherlock Holmes, Dr.Watson and Moriarty it is a great story and a fresh female approach to the Holmes canon.

The number of female crime writers is rising with the increasing popularity of Tess Gerritsen, Elizabeth George, Karen Rose, Lynda La Plante, Janet Enavnovich, and Kathy Reichs among others. However, one genre within mystery fiction has remained largely male dominated – that of Sherlock Holmes.

One look at the top 100 books for Sherlock Holmes will have you struggling to find any female authors, let alone the share that mainstream crime fiction now has – and that’s a real shame. As soon as you get into ‘The Sign Of Fear’ you can see and feel the female perspective and it’s fascinating to experience Victorian England from a woman’s point of view.

Molly’s main character is Mrs.Watson and the old phrase ‘behind every great man there is a great woman’ is very true here as she cuts straight to the chase as a formidable leading lady in her own right.

A great detective needs a sidekick and Mrs.Watson is no exception. Emily Fanshaw does however spend a good part of the book disguised as a man – a necessity born out of the time. Some of the most intersting and amusing action takes place in France giving Molly a chance to throw out some lovely sterotypes from her English characters.

The Sign Of Fear

The story is told through the first person of Mrs.Watson is a delightful Victorian manner and use of language is excellent and refreshingly traditional – the use of words like ‘retort’ and ‘exude’ bring a smile to your face . There is much of the ‘Jeeves and Wooster’ style here and I am sure Molly won’t mind being compared to PG Wodehouse.

The Sign of Fear is relased across the world on 15th June 2010 and will be a fun read for both the traditional Sherlock Holmes enthusiast and the new breed fuelled by the recent Guy Richie reincarnation.


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