Sherlock Holmes: A Question of Time by Glenn Searfoss Review

19 May
Sherlock Holmes: A Question of Time by Glenn Searfoss Review

Great review

Author Anthony Avina's Blog

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Infamous partner of world-renowned detective Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson must unravel the mystery behind his friend’s sudden frightful state and determine whether the great detective came into contact with true time travel or instead is lost to a mad game in author Glenn Searfoss’s “Sherlock Holmes: A Question of Time”.

The Synopsis

A shocking mystery or outrageous hoax?

Responding to an urgent summons, Dr. Watson arrives at 221B to find Sherlock Holmes swathed in filth and in a state of deep shock. To ensure Holmes’ safety, he must retrace the detective’s last movements and discover the source of his debility. The investigation leads to a fire-gutted warehouse where nothing remains except an open cesspit and the enigma of an unburned circle.

A convalescing Holmes unravels the mystery by relating…

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