Jeremy Brett: Playing a Part

14 Mar

The Baskerville Pups

This year, The Baskerville Pups have been given the opportunity to share our thoughts on the works published by MX Publishing. To start, I chose Maureen Whittaker’s Jeremy Brett: Playing a Part. Some of you may be familiar with her first Jeremy Brett biography, Jeremy Brett IS Sherlock Holmes, which is a mere sample of what is inside of the larger biography encompassing more than his career portraying Sherlock Holmes.

Quite like many Sherlockians, JB’s Holmes is close to my heart. “His persona and accurate portrayal of Holmes is most admirable. Just as Sir Arthur allows us to sharply envision Holmes thanks to his wonderfully descriptive writing, the quirkiness and physicality that JB dedicated to his Sherlock Holmes could snatch viewers of all ages, taking them to a world of adventure and thrill. Etched into my brain, his laugh and smile is unforgettably lovable” (Boodram, 2021).

I haven’t…

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