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21 Jan

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Sherlock Book Reviews – Sherlock Holmes and The Eye of Heka – Sherlock Holmes Books by MX Publishing

Sherlock Holmes Society of London

David Marcum is a very prolific writer of Holmesian pastiche, and needs no further introduction. This is a full-length novel of depth and subtlety. The plot blends together classic detection, Watson’s personal life, some high ideals, and a lot of the usual skulduggery; in other words, there is something for everyone. The narrative moves seamlessly between authentic extracts from the Canon and Mr Marcum’s own inventions and interpretations, and, because it is so delightfully well written, it all makes perfect sense. As well as the sound Canonical links, there are some nice touches of late-Victorian life.As seems to be sadly inevitable in pastiches, there are occasional outbreaks of twenty-first century attitudes and values which do sound odd coming from Watson and his contemporaries, but these lapses…

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