The Keys of Death by Gretchen Altabef

27 Oct

Geri Schear

Human nature being what it is, we can’t help but find favourites in films, music, books, etc. You won’t be surprised to learn that some of my favourite reading material comes in the form of Sherlock Holmes books. And out of that hoard of riches, there are specific authors whose work I really cannot get enough of. One of these is Gretchen Altabef.

Gretchen’s latest novel, The Keys of Death is Baker Street bedrock. Set in 1880, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Watson, and Mrs. Hudson begin something great in the world.

Out of the fog three young souls unite in their common desire for justice. A genesis story about friendship with the power to change the world. Here, finally, Mrs. Hudson’s part in it can be told.

From the Foreword by Mattias Boström: “In the beginning, there wasoneSherlock Holmes. That genesis was, however, just a short glimpse in time…

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