Petr Kopl’s A Scandal in Bohemia

27 Sep
Petr Kopl’s A Scandal in Bohemia

Features of Interest

“There is no better way to defeat the enemy than with his own weapon.”
“You’re Crazy.”
“It’s the same thing!”

This is a book of wonders, especially Petr Kopl’s illustrations, and most especially his portrayal of Holmes. He takes us through the story choosing just the right scenes to show it to perfection, engage our attention, and carry us along with a certain degree of zany surrealist eccentricity. My favourite is Holmes and Watson’s meeting at Baker Street, just before the King arrives. The sequence of images one more remarkable than the next, the comic banter, and build up to its final frame. Laughing so hard, I had to stop and pick myself up off the floor after “traditional.” Though extremely difficult to choose from a books worth of museum quality paintings, my favourite image is the one I’ve chosen for this review. The brilliant inside cover image…

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