Another New Sherlock Holmes Anthology

12 Feb

Geri Schear

It’s always such a treat when a new Sherlock Holmes anthology is on the horizon. This one contains 64 new, yes, NEW! stories, in three volumes. A feast for the Holmes fan. These are all traditional Holmes stories, meaning they mimic the sort of tales written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Don’t expect Holmes the talking dog, or supernatural tales here. Just a mystery, a deduction, and a conclusion.

64 new, traditional Sherlock Holmes Stories making up the latest three volumes in the world’s largest collection of Sherlock Holmes Stories.

In 2015, the first three volumes ofThe MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Storiesarrived, containing over 60 stories in the true traditional Canonical manner, revisiting Holmes and Watson in those days where it is “always 1895” . . . or a few decades on either side of that. That was the largest collection of new Holmes stories ever…

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