The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories – Author Interview – Dick Gillman

04 Sep

Throughout the Kickstarter campaign, we will be adding brief interviews highlighting the talented authors who have contributed to the anthology. Today we have the excellent Dick Gillman.

How did you first get introduced to Sherlock Holmes?

My first experience of Sherlock Holmes was watching the old black and white films from the fifties when Holmes and Watson were played by Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. This prompted me to go on to read and explore the canon.

What was the inspiration for your pastiche?

After Prof. Moriarty’s demise at Reichenbach, I felt there was a void which cried out to be filled. Another ‘Napoleon of Crime’ had to be found. With that in mind and also the need to introduce a strong female character, other than ‘the woman’, I created Julia Moriarty. She is the vengeful sister of James Moriarty and she holds Holmes responsible for her dear brother’s death. Equally intelligent and as ruthless as her brother, she will stop at nothing to destroy Holmes.

What is your story about? Where and when does it take place?

I have, so far, written seven stories where Julia Moriarty and Holmes cross swords. The final story, ‘The Broken Watch of Meiringen’ finds Holmes taking advantage of the chance find of the Professor’s gold watch beneath the Reichenbach falls. This Holmes uses it to exploit Julia Moriarty’s obsession with her brother leading to a final confrontation at the 1902 ‘Paris in London’ exhibition and her ultimate fall from grace.

Tell us three things about yourself that few people would guess?

Well, I don’t think anyone would guess that my first job, before I trained as a teacher, involved developing new flavours for jelly babies! I am an acrylic and digital artist with works exhibited locally, online internationally and also in private collections. Third thing? Unusually, for a senior citizen, I’m a bit of a David Guetta fan!

Any upcoming projects?

I’m continuing to explore digital art and to contribute to the wonderful MX Sherlock Holmes anthology.

Click here for more details on the Kickstarter campaign.

In Memorium 6

MX XVII front cover large


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