The Stone of Destiny – A Book Review

26 Jul

The mystery, with all of the twists and turns are amazing and funny at the same time. The way Holmes’ brain works is the most interesting thing I have ever read. Dr. Watson always seems to be a bit bumbling, but yet, he is just as intelligent as Holmes himself, just in a different way…All in all, I loved the book. It was funny, smart, and entertaining. That is all I ask for from a book, so this one succeeded brilliantly. Consequently, I award this book a full 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good, solid, quick reading mystery. There is no disappointment in this pastiche.

Reviewed by My Bookish Bliss

The Stone of Destiny: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure is available from all good bookstores including The Strand MagazineAmazon USABarnes and Noble USAAmazon UKWaterstones UK and for free shipping worldwide Book Depository. In ebook format it is in KindleKobo and Nook. Available on Audio.



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