Review: The Art of Sherlock Holmes

24 May

Geri Schear

Why would you want to read The Art of Sherlock Holmes? Let’s think. You might be a fan of the Great Detective, in which case there are fifteen wonderful stories to entice you. You might be beguiled by the art of the fifteen artists whose work enhances each tale. You might simply like an unusual coffee table book that will catch the eye and be sure to start a conversation. Be careful, though, this is the sort of book that an untrustworthy guest might try to slip beneath his trench coat when he leaves…

The Art of Sherlock Holmes is the brain child of Phil Growick, the author of two Sherlock Holmes novels, The Secret Journal of Doctor Watson, and its sequel, The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes, as well as many short stories. In addition to being a committed Holmes fan, Phil is a resolute supporter…

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