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03 Mar

Out on Audio –  The Hounding of Peers Baskerville: The Redacted Sherlock Holmes

It is 1909, and 20 years have passed since the great Devon adventure.

Holmes is consulted by Sir Henry Baskerville’s son after a shepherd in the baronet’s clothes is found dead at the foot of a cliff.

Watson is dispatched to Dartmoor to investigate and finds that the publication of his novel – controversial at the time because of the inadequacies it exposed in Holmes’s handling of the original case – has had some wholly unexpected consequences for the members of the dramatis personae of the original story.

It takes the return of Holmes to Dartmoor to separate truth from legend and to bring some legend to the truth.

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The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Series is available from Amazon USA, Barnes and Noble USA, Amazon UK , Book Depository (free worldwide shipping) and all the books and individual stories are available in Kindle and Audio book format.



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