Kickstarter Project for The Diary of Young Arthur Conan Doyle – First Three Diares

28 Apr

Kickstarter Project for The Diary of Young Arthur Conan Doyle – First Three Diares

The Diaries of Young Arthur Conan Doyle follow the adventures of Conan Doyle and Dr. Joseph Bell. These first three diaries cover the first three years of the forensic deductive detective team:

Adventures in the Wild West 1878, Adventures in Russia 1881, Adventures in America 1883.


“Think Sherlock Holmes meets Huck Finn with a bit of Treasure Island and Peter Pan thrown in for good luck. What a fun read and a great adventure. I loved all three and couldn’t put them down.” Robert Rotenberg, author of the best-selling novel, Stranglehold

“These “lost” diaries of the young Arthur Conan Doyle are a must read for all mystery lovers, and destined to be an important part of the Sherlock Holmes canon. Prepare to tear through the pages and enjoy trying to figure out what is fictional and what is fact. What a riveting story!“Layton Green, author of the best-selling Dominic Grey series

Exclusive – Special Edition Hardback

All three adventures in one special hardcover with exclusive additional content about Joseph Bell and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Will be released in December 2017 but available as part of this Kickstarter.

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