What’s New in 2016: Top Holmes Gifts For Long-Time Sherlockians

05 Nov

Randall Stock maintains a fascinating website called The Best of Sherlock Holmes which aims to filter through the thousands of Sherlock related items and find those that are ‘noteworthy’. Every year Randall provides a very valuable service for those looking to get gifts for the Sherlockians in their lives.

Needless to say, appearing in Randall’s top 10 for the year is extremely sought after and I’m delighted to report that alongside such eminent entries as BBC Sherlock’s Abominable Bride our MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories makes its debut.

You can see the full listing here [What’s New in 2016: Top Holmes Gifts] with our collection alongside five other books/collections including those from Laurie R King and Denis O Smith.

It’s particularly strong recognition for the editor of the series David Marcum as his own collection ‘Tangled Skeins’ made it into the Best of 2015 list.

MX authors have made the list pretty much every year but often for non-fiction books about Conan Doyle; Alistair Duncan in 2012 for his excellent ‘An Entirely New Country’ about ACD’s time at Undershaw; Brian Pugh with several editions of his Chronology of Conan Doyle; 




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