Review of Sherlock Holmes and The Lufton Lady

05 Oct

This story has history behind it. The author was a very special Sherlockian who passed away in 1996 at the age of 43. Ms Aig was well liked in the world of Sherlock Holmes and a member of several groups dedicated to the Great Detective.

She left behind this story, which is being published in her memory.

Many authors write great mystery stories starring Holmes, Watson, and other members of the canon. What Marlene Aig has produced here goes beyond just a mystery to solve. It dares to go beyond Holmes as the cold scientific investigator and looks at Holmes, the man…

I enthusiastically give this novelette five stars!

Reviewed by Raven’s Reviews

Sherlock Holmes and The Lufton Lady is available from all good bookstores including The Strand Magazine,  Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Waterstones UK, and for free shipping worldwide Book Depository . In ebook format it is in Amazon Kindle,  Kobo, Nook and Apple iBooks (iPad/iPhone).



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