Review: A Few Lessons from Sherlock Holmes

11 Apr

Graspthenettlehard's Blog

Peter Bevelin’s small book (81 pages) is every argument you ever wanted to win against another Holmesian–or every defense you needed to backup someone you felt was right.  Period.

Imagine what a book would be like if Watson had simply lifted out all examples of his friend’s reasonings and philosophies and placed them in a separate volume.  Here it is.

In these trying times, where students are re-learning the art of debate in wangling grades or proving classroom participation, their jobs counselor would be advised to recommend this book–or the instructor place this on the reading list.  You’re getting more than the most famous quotes of Sherlock Holmes–you are getting the context of these statements and why they act as linchpins upon the plots and intrigues that fuel human nature.

Part reference, part Sun Tzu, part history lesson and part social science with a smattering of Heraclitian Logos, A Few…

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