07 Aug

Charlotte sums up a great Sherlock Holmes Week

Barefoot on Baker Street

On Saturday I was lucky enough to take part in the live Sherlock Holmes debate 3.  A group of Holmesian experts got together in London and via the internet to debate which was the best story in the original Sherlock Holmes canon.

I argued in favour of The Six Napoleons but faced passionate competition and things did get a bit heated – especially when we started discussing A Scandal in Bohemia.  I think ultimately, the winner of the debate was the canon as a whole because one story didn’t dominate – with such a brilliant and diverse body of work to choose from everyone has their own favourite.

After the initial debate ended, the audience were treated to a master-class in Sherlock Holmes’ method from mentalist Joe Riggs, described as The Real Sherlock Holmes.  Joe is such an interesting character and I recommend his new book – The Real Sherlock…

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