01 Aug

The Baz

Apparently it’s Sherlock Holmes week.

Why does no one tell me these things?

If you are running a Basil Rathbone blog then you literally have to take notice of this. I mean I think there’s actually a law about it.

So, Baz – if you’re around – I’m sorry. I know you were ambivalent (at best) about your identity as Holmes, but that doesn’t change the fact you were one of the greatest Sherlocks of all time (arguably THE greatest). You looked like the Paget drawings come to life (though prettier). You did restless, cerebral brilliance better than any actor I can name (apart from Jeremy Brett). And I am going to fecking say so whether you like it or not.

This week is going to be Sherlock Week on The Baz.

Entirely by coincidence (really truly) a guy I know at uni is working on an animation project…

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