A light at the end of the tunnel for 13 year old bedwetting sufferer and her family

13 Sep

Stop Bedwetting in 7 DaysThere are times as a publisher when you feel particularly proud, especially with books that can be described as ‘life changing’. Our No.1 bestselling book worldwide is giving us such moments on a regular basis. Coming up to it’s 2nd birthday, ‘Stop Bedwetting in 7 Days’ goes from strength to strength. Now being recommended by healthcare professionals due to its more than 80% success rate the book is currently the #5 ranked NLP book in the UK [and popular too in the USA]. Bedwetting is best caught as young as possible, but Alicia Eaton’s method (a unique combination of NLP and hypnotherapy) works all the way up to teenage sufferers. We wanted to share a recent review in full as it will give hope to a lot of families:

“My daughter is 13 and has been suffering from eneurisis (bedwetting) all her life which has been a considerable trial for her, but also the rest of the family. It has been difficult to cope with the smelly laundry and keeping the house fresh (although we never mentioned anything to her her friends have!) but for my daughter herself the emotional burden has been huge. She has been frightened to have sleepovers in case anyone sees or smells anything. She has had to shower thoroughly every morning and has felt the need to use lots of body spray as back-up. She has lacked in confidence to the extent that I got in touch with Kidscape which helped a lot but later also consulted with a GP who identified an excellent MIND course for teenagers because, whilst she was frequently aggressive and even violent at home – probably as a side-effect, she was being bullied at school (or took it that way due to her lack of confidence). 

She has always been a deep sleeper such that you could basically explode a bomb and she would sleep right through. 

We have tried lifting at night and had several concerted stints with a bed alarm where she would wake for the first night a couple of times and maybe once the second night and then start to unplug the alarm whilst remaining in a deep sleep as she became more and more tired. Our GP, and later an eneurisis specialist, recommended that we use desmopressin but I considered this to be an extreme solution which in any case had no effect – indeed I believe it may have increased the production of urine. A second medication was also offered to be used in conjunction. I do not want my child full of medication but we gave them both a try from time to time in desperation. 

When ordering a new sensor for the alarm I chanced upon this book and reading the write up I thought that whilst it sounded too good to be true it was worth a try as I could see hints that it might be suitable for the way my daughter thinks. 

I got the book and what a revelation. Very short and to the point I could see that it had HUGE potential. I read it from cover to cover so that I could fully understand the principles behind the programme and decided that for my daughter, provided I could stay 100% positive and certain it would work, she would soon start to reap the benefits. I could however see that the title was perhaps a bit misleading. The 7 days referred to is the length of the preparation before the programme actually starts. How long it takes to achieve dryness is not certain but the programme definitely starts to create the right brain training for a child to help them get themselves dry. 

My daughter seemed to think it would take 7 days from a standing start so she kept putting off starting the programme because she expected a magic bullet. I was not happy about this so I downloaded the sound file and got her to put it on her phone and MP3 (with a different name of course!) so she could start listening to it. After 4 days she was determined to start the programme and on day 5 of the preparation she had her first ever completely dry night even with a full 11 hours asleep. This alone was enough to take her by surprise and motivate her – she had been sure it would not work! 

At the time of writing we are almost two weeks in since starting the programme, and two and a half weeks since she began listening to the download. She has had several completely dry nights where she has managed to wake up and get herself to the toilet in time (sometimes 3 times in one night) without any problem – her brain has done the right thing. She has had a few nights where she has woken just as she was beginning to wet and has managed to recover the situation and get to the toilet before any sheets are wet. She has even had two completely sleep all the way through dry nights. For my daughter with her prolonged history of being wet and her bad experiences with being lifted and/or using an alarm this is a major breakthrough. She is already much happier, the washing machine is seeing much less laundry and she was confident enough after only ten days to spend four nights sleeping with two of her friends on a camp. 

We bought several identical new sheets, three pairs of identical pyjama sets in the sale and some disposable mats which we put under the sheets (which I stacked mat, sheet, mat, sheet). She managed two nights completely dry, one with a wet sheet and one where her shorts were slightly damp. 

I have to say this is HUGE for both her and me. If you have a determined child I suggest using this programme before they get to 13 and have loads of failures behind them. This programme puts them in charge and helps them programme their own brain in a positive way. The potential for how this programme works goes way beyond dealing with bedwetting. 

For the price of a pack of pull-ups and a laundry load this book is worth every penny. If it does not work on its own it may be necessary to unpick wider emotional issues – we did this the other way round, finding this fantastic book late in the day, but as they say ‘better late than never’.”

The book is available from all good book stores, Amazon USA, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and increasingly popular on iTunes (6 countries) for the iPad and iPhone. An ideal book for parents but also for NLP practitioners as close to one in 5 children suffers with bedwetting at some point.


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