Throat Cancer Patient’s Biography Brings Insight To Leading Cancer Consultants

25 Jun

Bangers and Mash is the biography of Keith Hern’s battle with throat cancer and like most biographies written by cancer survivors, is intended mainly to offer support and information to other patients. It has also brought significant insight to the medical team involved in the author’s treatment.

Consultant Head & Neck Surgeon Peter Williamson (Keith’s Consultant at St. Anthony’s Hospital) summed it up as

“a fascinating insight into the patient’s perspective on coping with treatment for head & neck cancer”

while Kevin Harrington (Keith’s consultant at The Royal Marsden Hospital) observed that

“I can tell people the facts and describe the treatment, but I can’t tell them how it feels.”

The book, a fast-moving and totally honest account of a journey through cancer treatment in both pictures and words (author Keith Hern is a professional photographer) is a shining example of its genre, as the rapidly growing collection of glowing reviews on Amazon testify.

Peter Williamson continues:

“anything that adds to my comprehension of how my patients understand and respond to the treatment is always helpful – the more we understand each other, the better we can work together to manage the disease and treatment pathway.”

With the whole area of patient-medic communication being somewhat of a ‘hot topic’, Bangers & Mash is very useful in helping to close the gap between the clinical perception of consultations given and what the patient actually hears.


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