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The Sherlock Holmes Society of London reviews Shadowblood – A Novel of Sherlock Holmes

“I said that Shadowfall is rather like an enjoyable nightmare. Shadowblood is even more enjoyable.”

Tracy Revel’s first novel Shadowfall got rave reviews worldwide, and is already being translated into Italian. The Sherlock Holmes Society of London loved it and we couldn’t wait for their review of the sequel Shadowblood – they didn’t disappoint us.

“The sequel to Shadowfall is just as deliriously weird. Shadowblood by Tracy Revels introduces us again to the World of Shadows, whose interaction with our own world can be devastating. Watson’s recuperation from his previous encounters with the supernatural is interrupted when an unpleasant recluse demands that Holmes find  his missing daughter.

Shortly after the detective’s arrival,the old man is horribly murdered, and Holmes’s own Shadowborn powers are tested to the limit in a quest for the girl and, ultimately, for the Fountain of Youth. He and Watson travel to Prague, where they are helped by Dr John Dee, and then to St Augustine, Florida, where they receive assistance and opposition from even stranger beings.

The missing girl is practising blood magic and has acquired a very dangerous assistant, a woman skilled in murder. I said that Shadowfall is rather like an enjoyable nightmare. Shadowblood is even more enjoyable.”

Shadowblood is available from all good bookstores and all formats including Amazon USA, Barnes and Noble, Amazon UK, and electronic formats soon.

Tracy Revels has a popular blog Strictly Sherlock and Tracy was on Team 1 (BBC Sherlock) in The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate in November. She joins us for the December discussion taking place on 14th December.


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The Bookbag Reviews Shadowfall a novel of Sherlock Holmes



It’s a rare Sherlock Holmes novel that gets 4.5/5 stars from The Bookbag, but we already knew Shadowfall is a rare gem. The reviewer says that the sequel is going to be on his ‘most wanted list’ and he’s not the first to say that;

“You remember Sherlock Holmes, yes? Deerstalker, pipe, leetle grey cells… (Oh, sorry, that was Poirot, but same kind of deductive ability), naked winged-woman on, or at least floating above, the sofa in Baker Street… wait a minute? Seriously?

Well, ‘seriously’ is probably not the word to be used to describe this delightful pastiche, but I can happily tell you that mixing Sherlock and Watson with Titania, Spring-Heeled Jack, Charon, and other lesser known tales works surprisingly well. Chiefly this is because Tracy Revels manages to capture the tone of Arthur Conan Doyle’s originals fairly faithfully, just with the twist that Sherlock is only half-human. And looking at his detective skills, it’s a wonder we hadn’t figured that out before.

The characters come at us fast and furious here, and part of the pleasure is there’s no need to spend any time establishing them. We know what to expect from Holmes and Watson, Revels shows us enough to realise that this is still the recognisable duo, despite Watson’s shock at finding out about his friend’s true origins, and that allows the majority of the book to be spent throwing ever-more bizarre obstacles at the pairing and watching them stretch themselves to their limits trying to overcome them. Full marks, as well, for a Watson who is significantly more of a man of action, as in the original stories, than the bumbling fool found in some of the pastiches……”

To read the full review you can visit The Bookbag site.

Shadowfall is available in paperback from all good bookstores including Amazon, in Amazon Kindle, Kobo and iBook (ipad/phone) format. You can follow Tracy Revels Blog for her latest news.


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