About MX

MX Publishing is a book publishers based in London, England. We are the largest publishers of Sherlock Holmes books with over 100 authors and 250 books. Some of our books are available in other languages through our partnerships with large publishers like Mondadori in Italy (read more about licensing here)

We have local distribution in the UK (Europe), and also on the East and West coast of the USA so we can offer good local shipping rates – MX Publishing . All our books are available from any good bookshops around the world. Most are also now available in Amazon Kindle and iBooks (iPad/iPhone) and other eBook formats.

We are always looking for new authors and projects – you can get in touch via

We are also looking for resellers – especially in the fields of Sherlock Holmes and can deliver direct to your customers for you. Offering your members our books is a a great and profitable service – contact us on


One response to “About MX

  1. Larry Lefkowitz

    April 14, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    I have written Sherlock Holmes stories and other humor concerning him and Conan Doyle. Perhaps the stories and other humor could make a book.



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