Sherlock Holmes Society of London reviews: Anomalous – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

18 Sep

“Very few writers have tried to imagine what sort of things Holmes got up to, and what sort of people he met during his years living as the disaffected Irish-American, Altamont. He began his ‘pilgrimage’ in Chicago, so it’s natural that he would run into Diamond Jim Colosimo’s criminal organisation and encounter one of its youngest members, Al Capone. Natural too that he would visit the Café de Champion on West 31st Street, to meet its famous owner, Jack Johnson, the first black world heavyweight champion. The great boxer is actually the central character in a powerful novel, Anomalous: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes featuring Jack Johnson and Alphonse Capone by Samuel Williams Jr (MX Publishing, £9.99/$16.95/€12.99). Johnson’s turbulent fortunes bring him to London, where two very different people, both black, have important rôles to play in a struggle to save both Johnson’s life and the security of the realm. You’ll recognise their names, I’m sure: Lucy Hebron and Steve Dixie…”

Anomalous – The Adventures of Sherlcok Holmes is available from bookstores including in the USA Barnes and Noble and Amazon, in the UK WaterstonesAmazon and Book Depository (free worldwide delivery) and in electronic formats – iTunes (iPad), KindleNook and Kobo.


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