ACDCs Brian Johnson reviews Hunt For The Blower Bentley in Octane Magazine

08 Dec

“It’s pure magic if you’re a car man or woman. It’s not a whodunnit, more a ‘whereisit’, and each chapter jumps between the war years in Britain to the present telling the tale of Bentley chassis number SM3912”

How many times in your life are you going to have a living legend start a major magazine article with a glowing review of one of your books? When Kevin Gosselin was reading the current issue of Octane magazine, imagine his amazement as ACDC lead singer, and huge car enthusiast Brian Johnson opens his article on replicas with the glowing words above about Kevin’s book – he goes on to explain the premise of the plot and say out how exciting the book it.

Hunt For The Blower Bentley is the second outing for Faston Hanks a car detective who is in a race against time to find the original Blower Bentley before a replica makes it to auction.

Hunt For The Blower Bentley is available from all good bookstores and on Amazon Kindle,  Barnes and Noble Nook, and iBooks (iPad/iPhone).

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