The Bookbag reviews Hunt For The Blower Bentley

25 Oct

“You’ll warm to the characters: there’s something compelling about Faston Hanks which made you want him to win through.”

Hunt For The Blower Bentley is the second outing for Faston Hanks and The Bookbag, one of the world’s leading independent book review sites gives it the thumbs up:

“There’s a neat blend of fact and fiction with the fiction being all too believable. It’s not inconceivable that there was at least one spy working for Germany from within the British Isles or that the Bentley played the part it did. If at times there are a few too many coincidences – then suspend disbelief. It’s a darn good story.”

You can read the full review on The Bookbag Website.

A recent review on Amazon USA shows that car fans are going to like the book:

“I heard about this book on the radio and got for my husband, the total car guy. So far he is about 1/3 way through it (which is huge as he is usually a car mag kinda man) and he says its great. Think it would be a good choice for any car enthusiast looking for murder mystery”.

Hunt For The Blower Bentley is available from all good bookstores and on Amazon Kindle,  Barnes and Noble Nook, and iBooks (iPad/iPhone).

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